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20009 2467d 01h jghali /branches/ #13014: PDF export creates XObject for every group on every page  
20006 2467d 23h jghali /branches/ fix small scaling error when importing SVGs with viewbow attribute  
19989 2472d 09h jghali /branches/ #12997: Kerning between non-CJK and CJK letters does not appear until the text frame containing them is modified  
19980 2475d 06h craig /branches/ #12986: Increase max duplicate count  
19959 2483d 02h jghali /branches/ fix a few typos and update qt project site address  
19909 2503d 03h craig /branches/ #12309: Don't allow moving the last page to the end  
19906 2508d 23h jghali /branches/ #10870: when deleting a linked text frame the content is not refreshed  
19893 2512d 04h craig /branches/ #12459: Fix flipping horizontal/vertical not moving the items back if multiple are selected  
19872 2518d 05h craig /branches/ Fix extra chars  
19869 2519d 01h craig /branches/ Revert oops commit of translator stuff  
19850 2520d 06h craig /branches/ #12928: Insufficient justification of Japanese text  
19820 2526d 23h jghali /branches/ bump splash screen version to 1.4.6.svn  
19796 2535d 21h jghali /branches/ #12893: fix counting of characters in story editor  
19795 2536d 16h craig /branches/ #12904: Add Haiku translation text  
19794 2537d 01h jghali /branches/ #12893: fix counting of words in story editor  
19784 2541d 02h jghali /branches/ Bump versions to 1.4.6.svn also in msvc projects  
19778 2541d 13h craig /branches/ Bump versions to 1.4.6.svn  
19777 2541d 13h craig /branches/ Update release data  
19773 2546d 21h christoph /branches/ Resene updates  
19770 2548d 04h jghali /branches/ update Windows icons  

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