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22330 1393d 06h jghali /branches/ Bump to 2018  
22329 1393d 07h craig /branches/ Bump to 2018  
22327 1393d 07h mrdocs /branches/ bump the date and year  
22286 1399d 12h jghali /branches/ #15083: German translation for scribus.desktop  
22280 1400d 21h gpittman /branches/ fixing/enhancing the documentation about dialog buttons and returned values  
22276 1402d 03h mrdocs /branches/ fix typo  
22275 1402d 10h mrdocs /branches/ prep 1.4.7 release  
22274 1402d 10h mrdocs /branches/ prep 1.4.7 release  
22273 1402d 10h mrdocs /branches/ prep 1.4.7 release  
22272 1402d 10h mrdocs /branches/ begin to prep 1.4.7 release  
22267 1406d 16h craig /branches/ Bump changelog and .pro file  
22266 1407d 17h jghali /branches/ French translation update  
22265 1407d 19h craig /branches/ Bump TS files  
22264 1407d 19h jghali /branches/ #15074: German documentation update for 1.4.7  
22262 1408d 15h jghali /branches/ #15077: importing eps-files with Scribus 1.4.6 and Ghostscript 9.22 fails  
22260 1410d 10h jghali /branches/ Update msvc property sheets vs latest libs packages uploaded to sourceforge  
22258 1410d 13h gpittman /branches/ fixing an issue with  
22256 1410d 18h craig /branches/ Bump splash version  
22255 1410d 23h jghali /branches/ some linker warning fixes for msvc 2012 projects  
22254 1411d 00h jghali /branches/ Backport from trunk: avoid calling setlocale() in ScCLocale::strtod() as setlocale() affects all threads  

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