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24039 736d 20h jghali /branches/ Backport safeguards for #16252 so as to avoid writing temporary scrapbook items to root directory/drive  
23989 773d 18h jghali /branches/ Backport #15671 changes in order to enable building relocatable binaries  
23958 796d 16h jghali /branches/ Fix double free caused by ScribusMainWindow's emergencySave()  
23956 796d 16h jghali /branches/ Indentation fixes  
23782 874d 16h jghali /branches/ Fix potential buffer overrun in GS detection code on Windows  
23468 956d 00h jghali /branches/ Backport r23078: do not remove from cache fonts located in another local Scribus font folder (due to user having multiple versions installed for eg.)  
23444 995d 16h jghali /branches/ #16033: workaround round-trip error with QColor rgb <-> hsv conversions by using floating point versions of the functions  
23443 995d 21h jghali /branches/ Update msvc solutions according to latest uploaded library packs  
23437 997d 20h jghali /branches/ Fix documentation of scripter's unGroupObject()  
23270 1077d 12h jghali /branches/ Backport #15797 fix: PDFs imported and duplicated in image frames wrongly scaled on PDF export  
23089 1162d 12h jghali /branches/ Fix unwanted use of c++11 keyword  
23069 1186d 17h jghali /branches/ #15732: setFontSize() changes only 1 character  
23068 1186d 17h jghali /branches/ Bump version to 1.4.9.svn  
22931 1271d 18h jghali /branches/ Add Croatian translation  
22880 1303d 00h jghali /branches/ Add missing msvc targets file...  
22871 1309d 17h jghali /branches/ Bump date  
22870 1309d 20h jghali /branches/ Update msvc projects to Python 2.7.15  
22869 1310d 17h craig /branches/ Bump README  
22868 1310d 17h jghali /branches/ Add br_FR abbreviation for Breton language  
22865 1311d 15h jghali /branches/ Bump copyright year to 2019  

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