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2529 6225d 23h craig /branches/ Give util.cpp its own header file and start moving util.cpp users
over to it instead of `extern' definitions.

Also move some of the functions in util.cpp into their own files,
scfontmetrics.{cpp,h}. These functions are used only by a small
subset of util.cpp users, and doing this means we don't have to
pull in the Freetype header files for all util.h users. Several
functions and global variables are also made static since they're
only used in that file.
2528 6225d 23h cbradney /branches/ Clear all selected objects.  
2527 6226d 01h craig /branches/ Fix Python linking on Mac OS X  
2526 6226d 01h cbradney /branches/ Add in missing document checker connection to save text flow option and reorder the lines.  
2524 6226d 02h craig /branches/ Make print preview support -sFONTPATH arg to GS  
2523 6226d 03h craig /branches/ Use -sFONTPATH for importps too  
2518 6226d 23h craig /branches/ String fix  
2517 6226d 23h craig /branches/ Add extra font dirs to GhostScript's font search path  
2516 6226d 23h craig /branches/ Disabled migration of font paths from 1.2 temporarily. We can't use the prefs
api from within convert12Preferences, since it obviously isn't set up yet.
This will get fixed ASAP.
2515 6227d 00h craig /branches/ Required packages on SuSE  
2514 6227d 00h craig /branches/ Some Mac OS X build info.  
2513 6227d 01h craig /branches/ Make Python summary accurate if Python is installed but too old  
2512 6227d 01h craig /branches/ Tell configure not to bother to check for Python versions older then 2.3
(we require 2.3, so Python <2.3 may as well be no Python)
2511 6227d 01h craig /branches/ Enable Python on Mac OS X; remove obsolete and unused define for
Python 2.3 support (which we now require).
2510 6227d 01h craig /branches/ Convert extra font paths over to 1.3 prefs API. 1.2.x scribusfont.rc is imported
during conversion from 1.2.2cvs settings (not yet tested) but the 1.3 one is IGNORED.
You'll need to add any extra font paths you have again.
There is a CRASH when altering font paths with a document open. It's not a regression
because of this change - it's present in CVS 2005-06-17 too. Looking into it.
2509 6227d 01h craig /branches/ Link -framework CoreFoundation on Mac OS X  
2508 6227d 03h fschmid /branches/ Implemented a new Font selector, currently only used in the properties palette and
the Edit Style Dialog. Need some good idea to combine the 2 ComboBoxes into one
2507 6227d 03h craig /branches/ Make configure abort with an error if libjpeg not found. We currently require
it for util.cpp to build correctly, and it's a pretty important format to support.
2505 6227d 17h cbradney /branches/ #2099: Complete the first part of the languageChange() conversion for Story Editor. Need to fix the menus, probably with new actions.  
2504 6227d 18h cbradney /branches/ #2099: Make the colour toolbars resize when a new frame is selected to accommodate the colour list names correctly.  

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