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2556 6431d 04h craig /branches/ Fix #2103 - import 1.2.2cvs font path prefs to new prefs api  
2555 6431d 06h craig /branches/ Add, link to info on getting backtraces and using debuginfo
packages on fedora.
2553 6431d 07h craig /branches/ Apply patch from #2106 for fbsd autotools  
2552 6432d 04h subik /branches/ update preview for new widgets  
2551 6432d 23h cbradney /branches/ #2015: Better fix. Remove items in the reverse order  
2550 6432d 23h cbradney /branches/ #2015: Better fix. Remove items in the reverse order  
2549 6433d 00h cbradney /branches/ #2015: Tell the Outline palette to rebuild itself. Could be a better fix to be had but this certainly removes the crash for now.  
2546 6434d 18h cbradney /branches/ #2113: Dont return before setting values in controls  
2544 6434d 20h subik /branches/ docs for the scripter console (need review!)  
2543 6434d 22h subik /branches/ scripter console finished - except configuration. I'm waiting for the new plugin API.  
2542 6436d 17h cbradney /branches/ Fix for font face pointer crash with FT 2.1.10  
2541 6436d 17h fschmid /branches/ Reversion of last commit.  
2540 6436d 18h fschmid /branches/ Fix for too large linespacing after paragraphs  
2539 6436d 18h fschmid /branches/ Small fix for the Fontcombo  
2538 6436d 20h fschmid /branches/ Disabled the possibility to convert a linked text frame into something else.
Improved redraw speed a bit, makes the display look a bit better too.
2536 6437d 05h cbradney /branches/ Move the crash handler into main so we can intercept crashes in everything "above" main.  
2535 6437d 21h craig /branches/ Last of the util.h changes for now. More may come later, but for now I don't think
it's worth making all the files that depend on loadIcon depend on util.h .
Maybe once util.{cpp,h} are smaller, or maybe we need a standard header for
"all the common bits of Qt, and some really common Scribus includes / externs."
2534 6437d 21h craig /branches/ More util.h conversion, and move some more functions over into
scfontmetrics.{cpp,h} .
2533 6437d 22h craig /branches/ More util.h conversion  
2532 6437d 22h craig /branches/ Ignore generated files  

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