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2952 6222d 01h cbradney /branches/ Implement a CommonStrings class. Set up some strings, include &OK and &Cancel. Update occurences of those two. Update en_GB translation and DE translation for testing. About 75 strings saved. Must be careful with context!  
2951 6222d 13h fschmid /branches/ Some redraw fixes.  
2950 6223d 00h cbradney /branches/ Set up prefsManager in both constructors, stop gtaction sig11s  
2949 6223d 02h cbradney /branches/ Updated British English translation  
2948 6223d 03h cbradney /branches/ Clean up warnings and fix some header includes.  
2947 6223d 04h cbradney /branches/ Some code cleanup for layer work and comments  
2945 6223d 05h cbradney /branches/ Fix disappearing layers on raise or lower  
2944 6223d 11h cbradney /branches/ Reenable undoing addition and deletion of layers.  
2942 6224d 00h mrdocs /branches/ fix the missing returns so it would compile :-)  
2941 6224d 00h cbradney /branches/ Reenable raising, lowering, and setting printable on layer undo  
2940 6224d 00h mrdocs /branches/ add avox to the team  
2938 6224d 01h cbradney /branches/ Reenable undo/redo of layer renaming  
2937 6224d 01h cbradney /branches/ Move layer management code into ScribusDoc from the layers GUI. Still lots to do, including deletion of items without selecting them, by using some new tagged methods. Fixes a bug in GUI existing in and 1.3.0 where layer menu is not updated when they are reordered in the palette. Undo is NOT working, Riku will fix, he said :).  
2936 6224d 01h mrdocs /branches/ Updated Galician (1.3) resolves #2390  
2935 6224d 02h fschmid /branches/ One more minor tweak for editing polygons.  
2934 6224d 03h fschmid /branches/ Improved editing of polygons.  
2933 6224d 06h fschmid /branches/ Fixed Bugs #2342 and #2374  
2932 6224d 20h craig /branches/ API export macro header for #2097, general win32 dynamic linking support.  
2931 6224d 21h craig /branches/ Document another possible build quirk on AMD64  
2930 6225d 03h mrdocs /branches/ add avox as our next victi^H^H^H^H dev team member :)  

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