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3458 6079d 06h avox /branches/ drop in replacement for QComboBox. This one always uses a scrollable listbox, even if some stupid QStyle suggests a screen defacing popupmenu (currently only tested on Aqua)  
3457 6079d 06h avox /branches/ using new ScCombobox in a lot of places  
3456 6079d 06h avox /branches/ extracting common subexpression which showed up in Mac profiler  
3455 6079d 06h avox /branches/ drawing glyphs on the fly in charselect instead of creating/destroying 10.000s of QPixMaps  
3454 6079d 14h cbradney /branches/ Update ChangelogCVS up until now. This will need updating and moving to Changelog before release.  
3453 6079d 14h fschmid /branches/ Fixed Bug #2636  
3452 6079d 16h subik /branches/ fixed #2569: Short-words: punctuation is not handled  
3451 6079d 16h fschmid /branches/ Fixed Bug #2639  
3450 6080d 04h mrdocs /branches/ update to version 0.7.5- bug fix ported from 0.8pre  
3449 6080d 04h cbradney /branches/ Delete ps2 variable that wasn't being undeleted.  
3447 6080d 04h cbradney /branches/ Remove commented out code from my recent changes  
3446 6080d 05h cbradney /branches/ Change rotation value constructor  
3445 6080d 05h cbradney /branches/ Various small looping cleanups  
3444 6080d 06h cbradney /branches/ Clean up the dynamic class a little.  
3443 6080d 06h cbradney /branches/ #2640: Updated Ukranian translation  
3441 6081d 05h fschmid /branches/ Added the name of the master pages as dynamic tooltips to the page palette.
Final fixes for page moving with the page palette.
3440 6081d 06h fschmid /branches/ Repalced the replace( QRegExp("[\\s\\/\\{\\[\\]\\}\\<\\>\\(\\)\\%]"), "" ) command with
replace( QRegExp("[\\s\\/\\{\\[\\]\\}\\<\\>\\(\\)\\%]"), "_" ) to ensure that you can use
Names like Test(1)b and Test 1 b for spot colours and master pages
3439 6081d 06h subik /branches/ #2630: Constant FIRSTPAGERIGHT/FIRSTPAGELEFT works in the wrong direction. Quick hack to fix it. More examination needed.  
3438 6081d 06h cbradney /branches/ Add in #ifdefs around some CMS variables used.  
3437 6082d 02h fschmid /branches/ Fixed bug #2627  

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