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3794 6086d 11h cbradney /branches/ #2794: Apply patch from jghali for system font dirs  
3793 6086d 13h cbradney /branches/ Set the first section to use the first page number from the new file dialog, and on opening an old doc. Add in a delete page section removal function too.  
3792 6086d 14h cbradney /branches/ Add in a function to add newly added pages into the sections correctly.  
3791 6086d 14h cbradney /branches/ Add warning for the view addpage definition  
3790 6086d 14h cbradney /branches/ Make new items setRedrawBounding on load from 1.2.x docs too.  
3789 6086d 14h cbradney /branches/ Correct the newDoc warning slightly.  
3788 6086d 18h avox /branches/ Layout tweak: better alignment for toolbar icons  
3787 6087d 16h cbradney /branches/ Finally make up ScribusDoc::addPage do DocPages only, and migrate all calls to it tha tmake master pages now call ScribusDoc::addMasterPage. Previous callers to ScribusView::addPage must call one of the ScribusDoc::add*Page before, if the view call is even necessary anymore. Clean up some of the 1.2.x fileloader code for this.  
3786 6087d 17h cbradney /branches/ Move some code and utility functions around.  
3785 6087d 23h cbradney /branches/ Use the moved parsePageString function.  
3784 6087d 23h cbradney /branches/ Move some code and utility functions around.  
3783 6088d 02h cbradney /branches/ Simplify the edit mode image move code, and remove sig11 when moving up or down due to incorrect parameter order.  
3782 6088d 11h cbradney /branches/ Revert addition of main_nix.cpp to sources file for now. duplicate scapp definitions or some such silliness.. builds ok here without it for now.  
3781 6088d 12h cbradney /branches/ Fix missing return for the add auto text frames function  
3780 6088d 12h cbradney /branches/ dos2unix the file so we dont get 0d0d0a line endings on win32 checkout.  
3779 6088d 12h cbradney /branches/ Move the *nix code from main.cpp to main_nix.cpp. Add in main_win32.cpp. Turn main.cpp into just an includer file. Modify the to depend on main_nix.cpp. Do not depend on the win32 file as we dont under autotools, as the win32 version is currently only built with VCC.  
3778 6088d 14h cbradney /branches/ Various cleanups of code, removal of comments. Added a pageCount parameter to ScribusApp::doFileNew and we now create the pageCount pages then before the view is created.. 100x faster. Create some page section numbering functions in doc/pages.  
3777 6088d 23h cbradney /branches/ Remove commented out function and member var  
3776 6088d 23h cbradney /branches/ Clean up initHyphenator function so we dont have to edit it when we put new files in place (other than making sure the language exists in the langmgr qmap).
Remove QPair include from pagesize.h
Change the method of section page getting in ScribusDoc in preparation for some changes when adding/deleting/moving pages.
3775 6089d 13h mrdocs /branches/ resolves # 2785  

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