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3946 5903d 13h cbradney /branches/ Comment out a whole heap of signals that are no longer needed with the selection class. Connect some new ones from the pageitem, and fix emits in various places.  
3945 5903d 15h subik /branches/ #2859: Bright fonts in the paragraph preview are unreadable  
3944 5903d 17h subik /branches/ 2634: "Automatic guides" referring to "selection" doesn' t work for columns.
(Note: read and test patches from 3rd party carefully.)
3943 5903d 18h subik /branches/ #2855: In manage guides, automatic guides row/col gap uses pts while displaying inches  
3942 5903d 18h cbradney /branches/ Move the align objects and recalc pictures functions to the doc now they no longer depend on the view. Rename some functions to be clearer on functionality. Comment out now unneeded function calls and emits due to new selection code.  
3941 5904d 14h cbradney /branches/ Remove the view's EmitValues function as the first page item can now do this. Rework the gradient update code for prop pal's cpal. Remove some now unnecessary emitvalues calls.  
3940 5904d 16h tsoots /branches/ Made tool window font size adjustable  
3939 5904d 17h cbradney /branches/ Remove dependency on ScribusView from PS lib. Rearrange some initialisation in pageitem.  
3938 5905d 01h cbradney /branches/ Add the api header  
3937 5905d 01h cbradney /branches/ Add SCRIBUS_API to selection class  
3936 5905d 02h cbradney /branches/ Add various comments to the view, comment the selection class some more and implement a pageitem emit to gui function to replace the generic EmitValues in scribusview.  
3935 5905d 14h cbradney /branches/ Fix lowering of items, hopefully. Comment a qdebug and change int to uint in pslib.  
3934 5905d 15h cbradney /branches/ Remove ScribusView::SelItem and replace with ScribusDoc->selection. Protect PageItem:: Xpos, Ypos, Width, Height, Rot, Selected and provide functions to access. Implement many of the old view's signals in the page item. Fix offset on canvas bug when canvas has been resized by a drag op. Adjust all code as appropriate. Fix up raise and lower operations. Reduction of calls to PageItem new member functions to come, old code left in commented out for now. Part of the new selection class is to connect the first selected item's signals to properties palette. This is not yet finished but will reduce emissions of those old view signals to one per selection.  
3933 5905d 15h avox /branches/ Changing Keys::keySequence from QString to QKeySequence, store shortcut keysequences in English  
3932 5905d 15h avox /branches/ better positioning of main window and palettes, also stuff concerning keysequences for action shortcuts  
3931 5905d 18h subik /branches/ #2856: Running collect for output a subsequent time does not copy the images or update their paths  
3930 5906d 06h fschmid /branches/ Final fixes for the .psd importer.
Fixed issues with blend mode "Dissolve" and the "Extended Image Proberties" dialog and the german translation.
3929 5907d 02h tsoots /branches/ Make new tool windows resizable under Windows. Now we only need to get rid off the taskbar entries.  
3928 5907d 15h tsoots /branches/ Undogui visibility is now handled correctly. Made also ScrPaletteBase's setPrefsContext() protected and use the name from the constructor to fetch the prefs context.  
3926 5907d 17h subik /branches/ #2852: need a scripter view function to set a document to "fit in window"  

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