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4182 5868d 08h subik /branches/ #1913: Save as SVG compressed adds incorrect extension. CustomFDialog is now partly documented, it's using human readable variables. See example in documentation as reference. ScribusMainWindow::CFileDialog API is untouched - only minor change in it.  
4181 5868d 15h craig /branches/ Default to using -fvisibility=hidden on gcc4, enable use of default-hidden
inlines to further reduce symbol table. Use symbol visibilty controls for pure
C code as well, and apply to correct compiler flag variables.
4180 5868d 18h fschmid /branches/ Fixed Bug #2871, Canvas size shrinks now when pages are added, removed or moved.
It's also possible to do that manually when you press the "1:1" button.
4179 5868d 21h fschmid /branches/ Another try to fix Bug #2624.  
4177 5869d 22h craig /branches/ Disable PageItem-as-mapping code due to possible access-after-deletion issues.  
4176 5869d 22h craig /branches/ Fix non-standard word `and' operator use (from FreeBSD ports)  
4174 5870d 01h craig /branches/ Make ScribusDoc::selection a `*const' and set it in the initializer list.
Prevents accidental replacement where Selection::operator= shoud've been
invoked instead.
4170 5870d 19h fschmid /branches/ Fixed Bug #2809.
EPS-Import: fixed incorrect parsing of the first custom CMYK-Color entry.
4169 5871d 07h mrdocs /branches/ revert a one line change for jghali needed for Win32  
4167 5871d 21h fschmid /branches/ Fixed Bug #1071.
Fixed creation of incorrect colour names when importing EPS files.
4166 5872d 20h fschmid /branches/ Silenced some compiler warnings.  
4164 5872d 21h fschmid /branches/ Updated German translation.  
4163 5874d 12h craig /branches/ Fix cap typo (2am-itis)  
4162 5874d 12h craig /branches/ Guess what? A missing file.  
4161 5874d 12h craig /branches/ Another missing file (dammit!)  
4160 5874d 12h craig /branches/ Missing files  
4159 5874d 13h craig /branches/ Tidy new EXTRA_DIST section, move below SOURCES, move KDEOPTIONS up  
4158 5874d 13h mrdocs /branches/ add files to EXTRA DIST autohell sucks  
4157 5874d 17h mrdocs /branches/ update for new snapshot  
4156 5874d 17h cbradney /branches/ en_GB update  

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