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4726 5594d 01h fschmid /branches/ Better fix for #3285, now using doubles instead of QRect for the checks.
Applied this fix to the pslib and svgexporter too.
4725 5594d 05h avox /branches/ Some cleanup and an attempt to use kerning tables for text import.
Please test for regression.
4724 5594d 09h tsoots /branches/ Crash fix on master page item creation/deletion  
4723 5594d 10h fschmid /branches/ Additional fix for #3285 for master pages.  
4722 5594d 10h fschmid /branches/ Fixed bug #3285  
4721 5594d 11h cbradney /branches/ Some changes to browse dialog from 1.2.x version.  
4720 5594d 11h cbradney /branches/ Add in some more unicode chars including en, em, thin, thick, hair and mid space.  
4719 5594d 12h cbradney /branches/ Add in change button/file dialog for startup script selection  
4718 5594d 16h fschmid /branches/ Fixed Bug #3272.  
4717 5594d 17h avox /branches/ First go at image import. Current limitations:
* clipping is not applied
* images painted as patterns thru imagemask only appear as b/w mask
* not all colorspaces tested
4716 5594d 19h mrdocs /branches/ remove tabs, so rpms build correctly  
4715 5595d 03h fschmid /branches/ More improvements to the stencilreader, should now work correctly for almost
all available Kivio Stencils. Need to rewrite the function createObjects() in a
way that no doc is required.
4714 5595d 10h cbradney /branches/ Remove the colour/shade/opacity setting slots in ScMW and convert the called functions in doc to slots. Adjust actions and signals in mpalette.  
4713 5595d 11h cbradney /branches/ Dance the function shuffle again... More in the doc, less in the main window this time. I notice theres more and more scripter functions that dont need the view and have duplicate code thats now in the doc waiting to be used.  
4712 5595d 20h cbradney /branches/ Reverse some frame changes that break some layouts  
4711 5595d 21h cbradney /branches/ Fix deleteitem connection on right click menu  
4710 5596d 01h fschmid /branches/ exif.h: increased the number of jpeg sections read, some file have more than 20 sections.
stencilreader.cpp: initialize GrW and GrH to a reasonable value.
4709 5596d 03h fschmid /branches/ Compile fix for stencilreader.cpp.  
4708 5596d 03h fschmid /branches/ First working version of the Kivio Stencil reader, still needs some improvements.  
4707 5596d 10h cbradney /branches/ Move DeleteItem into the doc  

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