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4968 5994d 07h cbradney /branches/ Fix crash when double clicking on text frame after single clicking while in frame link mode.  
4967 5994d 07h cbradney /branches/ Make people happy.. splash on one desktop only. Use WStyle_Splash and not WX11BypassWM. Why was this used in the first place?  
4966 5994d 11h cbradney /branches/ Make sure the clear contents menu is inserted for text frames too.  
4965 5994d 16h cbradney /branches/ Bump about date  
4964 5994d 16h cbradney /branches/ Adjust page duration tooltip. Updated en_GB translation.  
4963 5994d 16h cbradney /branches/ Add in a tooltip for the line spacing mode button, add some in style editor that were missing and rename a variable or 2.  
4962 5995d 00h avox /branches/ update to #3365  
4961 5995d 01h cbradney /branches/ #3483: Polish update  
4960 5995d 10h cbradney /branches/ Emit offset and scale from scale operations too.  
4959 5995d 11h subik /branches/ change font size bug fixed  
4958 5995d 11h subik /branches/ #3438: font preview: on startup a preview is shown although no font is selected  
4957 5995d 16h cbradney /branches/ Bump about date  
4956 5995d 16h cbradney /branches/ #3478: Copy page margins to created master page instead of doc defaults.  
4955 5996d 04h mrdocs /branches/ resolves #3470  
4954 5996d 10h cbradney /branches/ Fix crash when undoing item operation when item is off a page in master page edit mode.  
4953 5996d 10h cbradney /branches/ #3372: Stop clearing text on undo of item creation. Text is stored with old item.  
4952 5996d 14h cbradney /branches/ Move Copy Contents, Paste Contents, Paste Contents (Absolute) and Clear Contents to Copy, Paste, Paste (Absolute), Clear in a Contents submenu  
4951 5996d 23h mrdocs /branches/ resolved #3467  
4950 5997d 00h cbradney /branches/ Add in 0s info to pdf effect duration tooltip  
4949 5997d 00h cbradney /branches/ Postscript->PostScript in PS importer
Make language change work with the tooltips and label for the gradienteditor

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