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4992 5570d 13h cbradney /branches/ #3499: Update de translation  
4991 5570d 13h mrdocs /branches/ updated Dutch translation resolved # 3498  
4990 5570d 14h cbradney /branches/ Update keyset file for 1.3.3  
4989 5570d 14h cbradney /branches/ Update from jghali to windows painters  
4988 5570d 14h cbradney /branches/ floor/ceil bounding values to remove warnings  
4987 5570d 15h cbradney /branches/ Add in cms file loader error handler from jghali.  
4986 5570d 20h avox /branches/ More diagnostics for failed images.  
4985 5570d 21h cbradney /branches/ Disable/enable undo when going in and out of shape edit mode to avoid user attempts an undo/redo.  
4984 5570d 22h cbradney /branches/ #3496: When editing page location of master pages, use the translated string in the gui.  
4983 5570d 22h avox /branches/ Improved diagnistics for failed image import,
multipage import now always starts a new page
4982 5571d 01h subik /branches/ #3492: colorwheel: when doing import colors it should be possible to import by double click  
4981 5571d 02h tsoots /branches/ Updated Finnish translation  
4980 5571d 02h mrdocs /branches/ minor tweaks  
4979 5571d 02h subik /branches/ #3491: color wheel: inner circle is not updated when choosing color components;
#3495: colorwheel: entering a value into radius field and pressing enter adds the colours;
+ some redrawing optimizations
4978 5571d 08h avox /branches/ Improve import of PDFs (text)  
4977 5571d 11h cbradney /branches/ Remove var from member parameter list to remove warning as var is unused for now.  
4976 5571d 12h avox /branches/ Fixes for #3365  
4975 5571d 13h cbradney /branches/ Make text chains update to reflow text when leaving edit mode.
#3488: Fix disappearing item issue by renumbering items in the correct order.
4973 5571d 15h mrdocs /branches/ updated  
4972 5571d 15h mrdocs /branches/ resolves # 3485 Updated Danish translation  

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