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5064 5719d 01h cbradney /branches/ Fix some <> to "" includes  
5063 5719d 01h cbradney /branches/ Updates Russian translation  
5062 5720d 12h mrdocs /branches/ bump the date  
5061 5720d 12h mrdocs /branches/ resolves last bit of #3420  
5059 5721d 04h fschmid /branches/ Pixmap Export: Changed the size QSpinbox to an MSpinbox to allow fractions of a Percent (useful if you want to create small previews of pages).  
5058 5722d 10h tsoots /branches/ Allow importing of old scrapbook files  
5057 5722d 11h tsoots /branches/ Scrapbook doesn't corrupt the encoding anymore  
5055 5722d 13h cbradney /branches/ #3524: Do not raise the main window on a drag operation  
5054 5722d 22h cbradney /branches/ #3509: Apply 1.3.x patch for moving docs to FHS compliant location  
5053 5723d 12h cbradney /branches/ #3523: Make sure havenewsel is always called after a drag operation. To be optimised later.  
5052 5723d 21h subik /branches/ #3130: newPage does load template, no error though  
5051 5723d 22h subik /branches/ #3510: Crash in Scripter Console when using F2 to run in console in Russian. + unused variables removed + some ugly external variables moved into core class for safer mamory management.

call me magician because it *is* weird for me and it is working here...
5050 5724d 14h subik /branches/ uninitialized variable initialized + f2 replaced wth f9 modification  
5049 5724d 16h subik /branches/ useful shortcut are back as they don't have anything related to the crash  
5048 5724d 18h mrdocs /branches/ bump the versions to 1.3.4cvs  
5047 5724d 19h subik /branches/ quick hack for Mac plugin load order  
5046 5724d 19h subik /branches/ obsolete items removed  
5044 5724d 22h fschmid /branches/ Fix for sometimes incorrect ScribusView::PageToPixmap rendering.  
5043 5724d 22h cbradney /branches/ Move the fr.po to frpo.po for keeping it around and making stats generation simpler  
5042 5724d 22h cbradney /branches/ 3514: Update French translation. They have moved to TS. Keeping old PO file in for now.  

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