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6805 5562d 07h avox /branches/ fix Style::update() declaration which inhibited style inheritance  
6804 5562d 08h fschmid /branches/ Enabled dragging from the Charselect Table  
6803 5562d 10h cbradney /branches/ #4432: When an item is being loaded, also allow empty font name to be replaced.  
6802 5562d 11h subik /branches/ Warning dialog for #4346: Add a preview for daltonian + compiler warnings fixed + unused vars/algorithms removed  
6801 5562d 12h mrdocs /branches/ resolves # 4459 2nd update .de translation  
6800 5562d 13h subik /branches/ some czech trans. I hope the rest will follof soon.  
6799 5562d 14h mrdocs /branches/ resolves #4455 updated German Translation  
6798 5562d 22h jghali /branches/ fix for #4456  
6797 5562d 23h mrdocs /branches/ update the PSD doc some more and add a screenie  
6795 5563d 02h jghali /branches/ fix rgb color shade calculation so that shades go from selected color to white
for now do the computation using hsv as before, but using rgb would be faster
6794 5563d 03h cbradney /branches/ Hoprefully fix utf6 char issue in help about  
6793 5563d 07h mrdocs /branches/ fix the newDoc setting to be compatible with 134  
6792 5563d 08h mrdocs /branches/ fix newDocument parameters so it works  
6791 5563d 09h mrdocs /branches/ resolves #3664  
6790 5563d 09h mrdocs /branches/ resolves #3664  
6789 5563d 09h mrdocs /branches/ add new doc on PSD importing  
6787 5563d 09h mrdocs /branches/ add hints on PS 6+ importing  
6786 5563d 10h mrdocs /branches/ fix wrong pt_BR string  
6785 5563d 11h mrdocs /branches/ resolves # 4448  
6784 5563d 11h mrdocs /branches/ resolves #4448  

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