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715 6435d 05h fschmid /branches/ Added typographic settings to the Document Setup Dialog  
714 6435d 07h cbradney /branches/ Rewrote FontCombo  
713 6435d 08h cbradney /branches/ Rewrote DmF -> MissingFont  
710 6435d 13h cbradney /branches/ Rewrote StyleSelect  
708 6435d 19h cbradney /branches/ Docs image rename  
706 6436d 06h cbradney /branches/ Rewrote Measurements  
705 6436d 06h fschmid /branches/ Continued work on Preferences and fixes for pasting text and the svgimporter  
702 6436d 07h cbradney /branches/ Rewrote Query class and adjusted affected classes.  
701 6436d 08h cbradney /branches/ Rewrote KeyManager, added to gtmeasure.  
700 6436d 19h cbradney /branches/ String fix, #1333  
695 6437d 12h cbradney /branches/ Update for proper nouns, True Type->TrueType, etc  
693 6437d 13h fschmid /branches/ First steps for Preferences Redesign and fixed Bug #1332  
692 6437d 18h fschmid /branches/ configure option --enable-debug works now  
691 6438d 04h cbradney /branches/ MergeDoc rewritten. Other minor changes.  
690 6438d 07h cbradney /branches/ Changed variable naming scheme. Further file updates.  
689 6438d 09h cbradney /branches/ Fix for #1331 from nicholas  
686 6438d 13h cbradney /branches/ Rewrote dcolor, colorm and updated cpalette  
685 6438d 17h cbradney /branches/ DelPage rewritten. Minor updates to ins and move.  
684 6438d 18h cbradney /branches/ Rewrote MovePage class, touchups to InsPage, minor text change in codingstandards  
682 6439d 05h cbradney /branches/ Typo fix  

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