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8270 5649d 20h jghali /branches/ fix msvc compiler warning  
8269 5650d 17h jghali /branches/ missing '('  
8268 5650d 17h jghali /branches/ missing typename  
8267 5650d 18h jghali /branches/ fix compilation errors on msvc  
8266 5651d 01h avox /branches/ typo  
8265 5651d 01h avox /branches/ new english sampletext  
8264 5651d 01h avox /branches/ Dracula! muahaha!  
8263 5651d 02h avox /branches/ new en lorem  
8262 5652d 01h fschmid /branches/ Fixed Bug #4768, added 4 commands to import SVG, EPS, SXD and ODG files onto the current Page.
Syntax: placeSVG[EPS|SXD|ODG]("filename", xpos, ypos)
8261 5652d 06h fschmid /branches/ Preview generator: fixed group handling  
8260 5652d 17h fschmid /branches/ Added support for blendmodes and the clipping groups to the preview generator.  
8259 5652d 20h avox /branches/ reorganize OSX bundle, the skeleton is now in a tar file  
8258 5652d 20h avox /branches/ reorganize OSX bundle  
8257 5653d 01h fschmid /branches/ - Last fixes for the Dia Shape importer.
- Enabled renaming of groups in the Properties Palette.
8256 5653d 04h fschmid /branches/ PDF-Export Dialog: fixed missing "No Script" entry in the "Viewer" tab.  
8255 5653d 04h fschmid /branches/ Dia Shape Importer: some more fixes for the newer shapes.  
8254 5653d 16h fschmid /branches/ Some more fixes for the "Dia" shapes import, still struggling with Dia's weired default value handling.  
8253 5653d 16h jghali /branches/ remove Conversion argument in FPointArray::parseSvg()  
8252 5653d 16h jghali /branches/ remove Conversion param, any scaling should be performed using transformation matrix  
8251 5653d 17h jghali /branches/ fix svg path parsing  

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