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11029 5180d 06h jghali /branches svg importer: small parsing fix for colors using icc-color definitions, still use fallback color tho  
11014 5183d 19h jghali /branches get translations directory from ScPaths  
11001 5184d 20h jghali /branches fix #6458: avoid crash when exporting image by adding some protection against QImage memory allocation failure in PageToPixmap()  
10991 5185d 22h jghali /branches Add missing slash  
10984 5186d 21h jghali /branches fix language list generation after translations being moved to share  
10974 5188d 21h cbradney /branches Lets move the qms into a translations dir to clean up the base share dir  
10973 5188d 22h malex /branches Move the location of .qm files from lib to share directory as they are arch-independent per FHS - cbradney provided the fix  
10955 5195d 01h jghali /branches fix #6422: image effects are not copied if the content of an image frame is copied  
10949 5196d 11h mrdocs /branches add Arabic UI translation # 6410  
10937 5199d 21h jghali /branches fix #6395 : freeze when importing odg file caused by division by zero  
10925 5201d 20h mrdocs /branches updates from Christoph  
10922 5201d 20h mrdocs /branches updates from Christoph  
10921 5201d 21h mrdocs /branches minor tweak  
10920 5201d 21h mrdocs /branches minor tweak  
10919 5201d 21h mrdocs /branches updates from Christoph  
10917 5201d 23h jghali /branches fix #6166: crash when Copy-Delete (Shift + Delete) in story editor  
10910 5203d 03h mrdocs /branches fix a typo  
10909 5203d 04h mrdocs /branches actually install the .desktop file which has been causing me no end of grief on the build server  
10902 5204d 22h mrdocs /branches bump the date  
10894 5205d 19h jghali /branches fix #6367: content of frames incorrectly positionned in SVG Export  

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