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11894 5245d 13h subik /branches/ more fixes for Bleed (doc is not closed, tmp files are removed)  
11884 5246d 11h fschmid /branches/ Fixed a typo  
11879 5247d 20h christoph /branches/ updated Bleed script  
11871 5249d 05h christoph /branches/ fixed a few typos  
11870 5249d 05h mrdocs /branches/ fix a missing link  
11867 5249d 20h christoph /branches/ updated cmake file  
11866 5250d 00h mrdocs /branches/ updated .es translation for 133x resolves #6886  
11864 5250d 13h mrdocs /branches/ optimize pngs  
11863 5250d 22h christoph /branches/ deleted two unworkable scripts  
11862 5250d 23h mrdocs /branches/ optimize pngs  
11860 5251d 00h mrdocs /branches/ fix a link  
11859 5251d 00h mrdocs /branches/ replace png with jpeg it saves 400k  
11857 5251d 01h christoph /branches/ Corrected the names in the Copyright file  
11855 5251d 01h mrdocs /branches/ freshen the change log , bump the date  
11854 5251d 01h mrdocs /branches/ updated .de translations resolves #6807  
11847 5252d 01h mrdocs /branches/ updated copyright doc  
11840 5253d 16h cbradney /branches/ #6869: Updated from gregp  
11838 5254d 02h fschmid /branches/ Fixed Bug #6870: "Spot colours imported from EPS files are listed twice in the colour dialogs"  
11837 5254d 07h subik /branches/ BleedAndPrintMarks py script is working again on Linux. The color of marks is defined when it does not exist  
11827 5255d 03h jghali /branches/ backport #6512 fix: collect for output does not collect font metrics files for Type1 fonts  

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