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12813 4702d 08h jghali /branches #7590 related : backport fix for potential infinite recursion if a directory scanned for fonts contains a symlink to a parent directory  
12801 4703d 14h jghali /branches little cleanup  
12800 4703d 14h jghali /branches fix #7583 : grayscale pictures with embedded profile do not export correctly  
12780 4708d 21h subik /branches #7578: Add Scribus Color Script Collection to distribution  
12710 4720d 11h jghali /branches #7490 : items rotated by 90 degrees and have horizontal gradient lose the gradient  
12695 4722d 07h jghali /branches textfilter import : fix text encoding error on import  
12647 4729d 10h malex /branches Move scribusicon.png to scribus.png and update desktop files  
12496 4768d 10h jghali /branches #7324: crash when saving objects scrapbook with corrupted path  
12444 4787d 16h jghali /branches #7203 : Slovak translation update  
12434 4792d 23h jghali /branches #7196 : Japanese translation update  
12433 4794d 11h jghali /branches #7192 : update Basque translation  
12417 4803d 09h jghali /branches #7178: update to  
12412 4806d 08h jghali /branches #7161: japanese translation update  
12404 4808d 12h jghali /branches #7151: story editor mess up when inserting characters from menu or character palette  
12397 4809d 15h jghali /branches pdflib : fix potential missing glyph on export when two char share the same glyph in a font  
12391 4812d 08h jghali /branches #7136 : detect write errors on pdf export so as to produce error message when attempting to write to a full disk  
12389 4812d 10h fschmid /branches Fixed Bug #7141: png export depends on the preview resolution  
12382 4816d 08h mrdocs /branches resolves #7135 Thia translation  
12377 4820d 08h cbradney /branches Bump about date.. and update Herm and Christophs mail address  
12355 4825d 06h malex /branches Fix import error on Debian  

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