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13573 4938d 15h jghali /branches #8087 : crash when opening doc caused by broken masterpage with empty name
- add sanity check vs master page name in fileloader
- prevent creation of master page with empty name when copying page to master page
13569 4940d 14h cbradney /branches Remove en specifier on Render Frames doc  
13565 4940d 15h mrdocs /branches bump the date  
13564 4940d 16h mrdocs /branches part of #8063 add the Quick Start Guide  
13563 4940d 16h mrdocs /branches run optipng on the images to shrink the pngs  
13559 4940d 16h mrdocs /branches part of #8074  
13555 4940d 17h mrdocs /branches part of #8074  
13550 4941d 15h jghali /branches msvc project update : allow libs directories to be defined for all projects through Scribus-build.vsprops property sheet  
13547 4942d 21h jghali /branches #8070 : crash when using "Manage Images" to change source of image on master page  
13543 4943d 15h herm /branches Fixed filename handling for render frames.  
13540 4943d 16h cbradney /branches #8060: Dutch translation update  
13538 4943d 16h cbradney /branches #8066 updated Russian translation  
13537 4943d 16h jghali /branches #8068 : incorrect export of path text objects if text is too long for the path  
13535 4943d 19h jghali /branches #8067 : exception when trying to edit a particular text box in story editor  
13533 4943d 19h jghali /branches #8059 : shape change to rect after shape editing + cut  
13532 4943d 19h jghali /branches #8059 : shape change to rect after shape editing + cut  
13521 4945d 01h jghali /branches #8017, exported PDF with CJK fonts corrupted : additional fixes  
13519 4945d 13h jghali /branches fix autosave being wrongfully used despite being disabled in doc preferences  
13515 4945d 16h jghali /branches #8058: do not use too small font size on Windows in the status bar, text may be hardly readable if user has not ClearType enabled  
13514 4946d 16h cbradney /branches Commmit updated install svn doc to 135  

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