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14227 4418d 10h jghali /branches/ #8542: "windows > arrange pages" doesn't close with the ESC key  
14211 4422d 11h cbradney /branches/ #8535: Replace gpl with xml color file  
14202 4423d 11h cbradney /branches/ Commit .gpl files converted to .xml  
14200 4423d 11h cbradney /branches/ #8530: Fix syntax errors in BS palettes  
14196 4424d 09h cbradney /branches/ Allow only xml and gpl files to be loaded by the colour manager so we dont try to load the license files  
14194 4424d 09h cbradney /branches/ Move # comments to <!-- --> comments  
14191 4424d 10h mrdocs /branches/ part of #8264 BSI pallete  
14189 4425d 08h mrdocs /branches/ part of 8182 - add JIS and Japanese Tradition palette with the license file  
14187 4425d 08h mrdocs /branches/ add the license URL  
14182 4425d 09h mrdocs /branches/ part of #8506 remove old search links  
14180 4425d 09h mrdocs /branches/ part of #8506 remove old search links  
14167 4426d 14h cbradney /branches/ #8224: Updated German translations  
14165 4427d 07h fschmid /branches/ Fixed Bug #8521: "Overprint setting is lost when copying page"  
14161 4427d 08h jghali /branches/ #8050: master pages with identical names automatically regenerated  
14155 4429d 07h jghali /branches/ #7595: undo remembers to many steps while dragging guides  
14149 4431d 06h jghali /branches/ #8501: program crashes with "unknown exception" on drawing shape
Does not fix the crash itself (Qt bug), but try to mitigate it by preventing some potential division by zero
14147 4431d 09h jghali /branches/ #8512: crash when changing document bleed values  
14145 4431d 10h jghali /branches/ #8515: error in BleedAndPrintMarks script  
14144 4431d 10h jghali /branches/ #8515: error in BleedAndPrintMarks script  
14143 4432d 07h cbradney /branches/ #8255: Add getPageNSize(i) to allow getting of a particular page's size, add getPageNMargins(i) for added bonus  

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