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14889 4275d 14h mrdocs /branches version bumps for 1.3.6  
14887 4275d 14h jghali /branches #8934: Polish translation update  
14886 4275d 14h mrdocs /branches bump the date  
14884 4275d 16h jghali /branches #8936: Scribus>Help>About/Authors: typo in surname  
14882 4275d 16h jghali /branches #8935: Dutch translation update  
14880 4276d 13h jghali /branches #8921, part2 : fix erroneous entry in CharProcs table of embedded Type3 fonts  
14879 4276d 13h cbradney /branches Bump about date  
14876 4276d 15h jghali /branches #8932: update of Slovak translation  
14873 4279d 13h jghali /branches #8890: incorrect XYZ tab measurements for straight lines  
14870 4279d 16h cbradney /branches #8924: Czech update for 1.3.6  
14867 4280d 16h jghali /branches #8918: hungarian translation update  
14862 4281d 15h fschmid /branches Fixed Bug #8913: "The Xpos and Ypos parameters of the images are ignored"  
14853 4286d 14h mrdocs /branches update with actual requirements and add hint in the README about the BUILDING file  
14852 4286d 18h cbradney /branches #8905: change signal used to fix page range deletion  
14848 4288d 15h cbradney /branches #8601: Add new 136 readme  
14847 4288d 15h cbradney /branches Move old readme to backup file  
14846 4289d 01h subik /branches resolved #8897: editorconfig translation (Czech update) for 1.3.6  
14843 4289d 13h mrdocs /branches bump the date  
14842 4289d 13h mrdocs /branches bump minimum cmake version to 2.6.0  
14840 4289d 13h mrdocs /branches fix a minor typo  

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