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4678 5761d 13h cbradney /branches Pass through the newly created master page when importing and set this into the page instead of the old one when calling loadpage. Set the ownpage of the item to the doc's current page(FIXME: shouldnt be setting the current page for this stuff)  
4677 5761d 13h cbradney /branches Patch for AntiWord on win32  
4676 5761d 14h cbradney /branches Patch from jghali to load help system on windows in default browser  
4675 5761d 15h cbradney /branches Revert reversion to use OnPage on file load. This really screws up master page items, see #3238.  
4674 5761d 16h cbradney /branches Remove some commented out code  
4673 5761d 16h mrdocs /branches add Antiword license  
4672 5761d 16h cbradney /branches -Move the remaining doc parts of the view::reformPages into the doc.
-Move the remaining doc parts of the view::adjustcanvas into the doc.
4671 5761d 21h mrdocs /branches fix a typo  
4670 5762d 08h avox /branches introduces StoryText and CharStyle into pageitems  
4669 5762d 08h avox /branches encapsulation class for our struct ScText list  
4668 5762d 08h avox /branches small correction to error condition  
4667 5762d 23h cbradney /branches #3263: Updated RU translation  
4666 5762d 23h cbradney /branches Remove some commented out code
#3260: Fix crash on non image item make visible
4665 5763d 01h fschmid /branches Some minor improvement to the preview rendering of the scrapbook.  
4664 5763d 02h fschmid /branches Fixed Bug #3243  
4663 5763d 12h cbradney /branches Add in loading and forced undo skipping to setting rotation of items.
Rename some view variables:
4662 5763d 14h mrdocs /branches resolves #3254  
4661 5763d 14h tsoots /branches Antiword is now searched runtime  
4660 5763d 14h cbradney /branches Fix label and buddy to line edit  
4659 5763d 15h cbradney /branches Fix smart hyphens  

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