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7694 5617d 13h subik /branches #4013: replaced old up/down icons with 16/go-down.png and 16/go-up.png  
7693 5617d 15h subik /branches #5035: Opening master page mode deletes auto guides  
7692 5617d 16h fschmid /branches Fixed Bug #5066  
7691 5617d 16h fschmid /branches Fixed Bug #5061  
7690 5617d 17h fschmid /branches Bug #3302 should be fixed now.  
7689 5617d 17h avox /branches #4978  
7688 5617d 17h avox /branches #4868: honour font when loading doc  
7687 5617d 17h cbradney /branches #3373: Reinsert after undo at old position.  
7686 5617d 18h cbradney /branches #4494: Only show the Convert To context menu if all items selected are the same type.  
7685 5617d 19h fschmid /branches Remove Unused Colors, take colors in Patterns into account.  
7684 5617d 21h fschmid /branches Bug #5068 should be fixed now, everyone please test, as i don't have the crash mentioned in the bug.  
7683 5617d 21h subik /branches old commented out code removed  
7682 5617d 21h subik /branches move guides-doc IO operations into separate class with static methods to reduce g.core memory usage  
7681 5617d 21h cbradney /branches #4929: Dont create undo action if a layer is not actually renamed  
7680 5617d 21h cbradney /branches Bump the 133x version info in loader, and reorder the IDs of the native loaders and exporters to fix #4924  
7679 5617d 23h subik /branches unused vars warning removed  
7678 5618d 08h fschmid /branches SVG Import Fixed parsing of the stroke-dash attribute. This fixes bug #5009 for the cairo build completely  
7677 5618d 09h jghali /branches - reduce color combos updates
- combine MPalette::updateCList and MPalette::updateColorList into one function
7676 5618d 10h cbradney /branches #5052: Allow application of arrow heads to groups of lines, as undoing this. New scribusdoc function allows application of both at the same time  
7675 5618d 11h cbradney /branches We dont need to update colour lists from Style Manager, it only applies colours, doesn't edit them, remove them or add them.  

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