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16076 4375d 00h pierremarc /branches/ScribusOIF/scribus/text/boxes.cpp Fixed selection rectangle in RTL context  
16074 4375d 00h pierremarc /branches/ScribusOIF/scribus/text/boxes.cpp Made text selection possible and fixed a couple of text cursor issues.  
16051 4378d 00h pierremarc /branches/ScribusOIF/scribus/text/boxes.cpp Display the cursor in edit mode (directional). Fixed a bunch of crashes on the way  
16028 4382d 19h avox /branches/ScribusOIF/scribus/text/boxes.cpp make box hints less obstrusive  
16027 4382d 20h avox /branches/ScribusOIF/scribus/text/boxes.cpp dead key hack  
15999 4385d 03h pierremarc /branches/ScribusOIF/scribus/text/boxes.cpp Integrated Fribidi. Text engine is now expected to support bidirectional texts.  
15990 4385d 21h pierremarc /branches/ScribusOIF/scribus/text/boxes.cpp Integration of Fribidi for correct bidi handling. Still bugs at paragraph level.  
15962 4388d 00h pierremarc /branches/ScribusOIF/scribus/text/boxes.cpp Made many adjustments in boxes rendering and ICU output parsing to get correct arabic composition  
15890 4393d 22h pierremarc /branches/ScribusOIF/scribus/text/boxes.cpp Fixed many minor issues regarding positionning of shaped glyphs  
15889 4394d 03h pierremarc /branches/ScribusOIF/scribus/text/boxes.cpp First bits of right-to-left composition support  
15886 4394d 22h pierremarc /branches/ScribusOIF/scribus/text/boxes.cpp Fixed update of Boxes geometry when adding a box to a boxgroup, then it allowed to implement GlyphBox::screenToPosition  
15885 4395d 01h pierremarc /branches/ScribusOIF/scribus/text/boxes.cpp Got an entire story to be shaped and displayed through many text frames, more or less the end of the prototyping.  
15877 4395d 23h pierremarc /branches/ScribusOIF/scribus/text/boxes.cpp Changed store model for cluster offsets, which allowed to display many paragraphs.  
15838 4401d 02h pierremarc /branches/ScribusOIF/scribus/text/boxes.cpp Made it possible to display a paragraph  
15833 4401d 23h pierremarc /branches/ScribusOIF/scribus/text/boxes.cpp various fixes and adjustments in the *Layouters + changed BoxGroup::addBox to update BoxGroup geometry  
15814 4402d 23h pierremarc /branches/ScribusOIF/scribus/text/boxes.cpp Adjustments on the boxes model implementation (allowing to display at least one line).  
15813 4403d 02h pierremarc /branches/ScribusOIF/scribus/text/boxes.cpp Unfolded base classes to be used by the Textlayout class as the actual implementations of a boxes model driven composition engine  
15650 4416d 19h pierremarc /branches/ScribusOIF/scribus/text/boxes.cpp made text shaping by ICU and started to fix issues in new text engine  
15571 4424d 01h pierremarc /branches/ScribusOIF/scribus/text/boxes.cpp Displays some glyphs on screen  
15570 4424d 05h pierremarc /branches/ScribusOIF/scribus/text/boxes.cpp Merged Andreas experiments on text engine.
It builds & runs, but almost all what's related to text is now broken.
Tagged a lot of '#if 0' blocks with FIXME_OIF to denote what has to be done in this branch.