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12315 4670d 21h pierre /branches/ScribusUIDStyles/vnd.scribus.desktop merged revisions 12287:12312 from Trunk to check potential conflicts and finally ensure that merging this branch back in trunk will be easy  
12314 4670d 22h pierre /branches/ScribusUIDStyles/vnd.scribus.desktop Revert wrong merge  
12313 4671d 00h pierre /branches/ScribusUIDStyles/vnd.scribus.desktop merged trunk at rev12312 changes. Nothing broken, seems to work even better!  
12285 4677d 00h pierre /branches/ScribusUIDStyles/vnd.scribus.desktop get a place to smoothly translate a part of the style referencement to a UID-based system  
12017 4729d 11h mrdocs /trunk/Scribus/vnd.scribus.desktop resolves # 6986  
11818 4771d 09h malex /trunk/Scribus/vnd.scribus.desktop Fix the .desktop file to prevent build failure for RHEL/CentOS/FC  
11715 4796d 10h malex /trunk/Scribus/vnd.scribus.desktop Install a version of scribus.desktop into /usr/share/mimelnk/application as a KDE workaround