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8079 5252d 20h cbradney /branches/Version133x/ Better code for passing scraction names, fixes 5251 as signals were not connected  
8077 5252d 20h fschmid /branches/Version133x/ Fixed Bug #5254  
8070 5253d 00h subik /branches/Version133x/ #5252: Scripts run from Script -> Execute Script improperly type some arithmetic expressions  
8053 5254d 21h mrdocs /branches/Version133x/ resolves # 5245 ru translation  
8042 5255d 19h cbradney /branches/Version133x/ Updated qm files  
8041 5255d 19h cbradney /branches/Version133x/ Updated pot and pro files  
8040 5255d 19h cbradney /branches/Version133x/ Updates ts/po files.. rest coming soon  
8035 5255d 23h cbradney /branches/Version133x/ Fix some compile warnings  
8032 5256d 03h fschmid /branches/Version133x/ Fixed Bug #5236  
8028 5256d 05h mrdocs /branches/Version133x/ updated to 1.3.x  
8016 5257d 06h mrdocs /branches/Version133x/ fix the table resolves #5204
bump the date
7999 5258d 03h fschmid /branches/Version133x/ Removed that liberateMemory() function completely and replaced all occurences of it with a simple free() call. Please test if that is ok.  
7997 5258d 21h jghali /branches/Version133x/ avoid loading exagerately large images when using low res preview modes  
7986 5259d 18h cbradney /branches/Version133x/ #5187: Change ScribusDoc::addPageToSections to take the position the same as addpage does, and skip our loop if inserting at pos 0  
7917 5264d 02h cbradney /branches/Version133x/ Bump the version  
7903 5264d 23h mrdocs /branches/Version133x/ resolves #5159  
7901 5265d 05h mrdocs /branches/Version133x/ resolves # 5158  
7899 5265d 19h mrdocs /branches/Version133x/ -version bump
# 5160
7893 5266d 06h fschmid /branches/Version133x/ Fixed Bug #5156  
7878 5267d 19h jghali /branches/Version133x/ fix #5139: Spot colors conversion are now handled as follow:
- conversion to RGB is done according to color management prefs and takes into account monitor profile
- no gamut check nor printer simulation is performed

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