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6306 5624d 01h jghali /branches/Version133x/Scribus/scribus/scribusview.cpp fix for #4204  
6272 5629d 03h fschmid /branches/Version133x/Scribus/scribus/scribusview.cpp Final fix for 3587  
6264 5629d 17h tsoots /branches/Version133x/Scribus/scribus/scribusview.cpp Add undo actions for control point(s) reseting  
6255 5630d 03h fschmid /branches/Version133x/Scribus/scribus/scribusview.cpp Final fix for #4070  
6242 5630d 19h fschmid /branches/Version133x/Scribus/scribus/scribusview.cpp Backported fixes for #2767 and #4070.
Additional fix for #3587
6205 5635d 22h fschmid /branches/Version133x/Scribus/scribus/scribusview.cpp Backported fix for Bug #4154  
6192 5636d 14h tsoots /branches/Version133x/Scribus/scribus/scribusview.cpp init oldClip to 0 in the constructor  
6162 5639d 15h tsoots /branches/Version133x/Scribus/scribus/scribusview.cpp Implemented operators == and != for FPointArray and am now checking if there really has been some changes in the shape/contour line before sending the undo action.  
6150 5641d 00h tsoots /branches/Version133x/Scribus/scribus/scribusview.cpp Fixed a crash with shape/contour line undo  
6146 5641d 00h tsoots /branches/Version133x/Scribus/scribus/scribusview.cpp Backported shape/contour line edit undo actions  
6045 5654d 01h fschmid /branches/Version133x/Scribus/scribus/scribusview.cpp Fixed Bugs #4094 and 4093  
5717 5705d 14h cbradney /branches/Version133x/Scribus/scribus/scribusview.cpp Backport editing of contour line with Alt and Alt Shift arrows when in Edit Contour line mode.  
5639 5713d 20h jghali /branches/Version133x/Scribus/scribus/scribusview.cpp correct incompatible image size for cursor  
5631 5716d 15h jghali /branches/Version133x/Scribus/scribus/scribusview.cpp fix for #3057: code update following cursor image changes  
5525 5728d 19h cbradney /branches/Version133x/Scribus/scribus/scribusview.cpp Backport Franz's #3832 fix to 1332  
5524 5728d 20h cbradney /branches/Version133x/Scribus/scribus/scribusview.cpp Backport Franz's #3832 fix to 1332  
5175 5769d 20h mrdocs /branches/Version133x/Scribus/scribus/scribusview.cpp backport the #3586 fixes and the grid speedup fixes  
5093 5773d 15h /branches/Version133x/Scribus/scribus/scribusview.cpp This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'Version133x'.  
5055 5780d 13h cbradney /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/scribusview.cpp #3524: Do not raise the main window on a drag operation  
5053 5781d 12h cbradney /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/scribusview.cpp #3523: Make sure havenewsel is always called after a drag operation. To be optimised later.  

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