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5890 5786d 11h subik /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/reformdoc.h #3981, partial #4009, #3950 cleanup, #3944 + new "performance metrics" procedure in unit.h tDebug(QString message) - output the message with timestamp  
5876 5788d 13h subik /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/reformdoc.h modular prefs for ReformDoc;
#3950: can't delete additional font paths;
#3998: Scripter: CalendarWiz. loops;
#3885: sig11 crash when activating default button on preferences
5584 5833d 18h fschmid /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/reformdoc.h More improvements to the Layer indicators and the Wireframe mode.  
5512 5840d 15h subik /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/reformdoc.h defaults for prefs progress (settings should be removed from constructors later) + some german variables renaming.  
5502 5842d 17h subik /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/reformdoc.h #3056: implement an Apply button to the document setup  
4555 5942d 07h cbradney /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/reformdoc.h #1804: No longer disable the page height and width spinboxes in prefs, doc setup and new file dialogs, but when the page size is not set to custom and height and width is changed, set it to custom. Reduce Custom string count by using a local var for each dialog and add into commonstrings to replace in these dialogs when commonstrings translation is updated by a few of the usual translators.  
4430 5957d 06h cbradney /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/reformdoc.h #2661: Prepend GPL+exception->see COPYING file notice to all CPP/H files.  
4026 6005d 17h craig /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/reformdoc.h Some bulk S&R changes:
- Renames after IRC discussion:
ScribusApp -> ScribusMainWindow
ScribusApp* ScApp -> ScribusMainWindow* ScMW
- Replace QStoInt and QStodouble with the built-in QString::toInt() and
QString::toDouble() now that those return 0 on failure as required.
3795 6036d 04h cbradney /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/reformdoc.h Move the Apply All options to the page/margin sections. For margins, added it to marginWidget. Removed Options section and the First Page Number section from Doc Setup as this is now replaced by the sections tab. The new file dialog keeps this option as this is applied to the first section when the doc is created.  
3757 6040d 08h cbradney /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/reformdoc.h Implement section based numbering. Currently available: 1,2,3, i,ii,iii, I,II,III, a,b,c, A,B,C. Automatically adds a set to old docs. Saves and loads the sections. No management within prefs GUI of ranges or when pages are added or deleted yet.  
2969 6122d 22h craig /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/reformdoc.h Get plugins to compile on Windows (win32), from Jean Ghali
Fixes #2398
Adds explicit exports / imports of symbols for win32.
2965 6123d 07h cbradney /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/reformdoc.h Move scribusdoc's docUnitIndex and unitRatio to protected. Rename unitRatio to docUnitRatio. Provide member functions unitIndex(), unitRatio(), setUnitIndex() (which also sets docUnitRatio, hence no setUnitRatio).

Move the bulk of scribus.cpp's ReformDoc () into reformdoc.cpp's new updateDocumentSettings().

scribus.cpp is now less than 10k lines :=)
2923 6130d 08h fschmid /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/reformdoc.h Fixed Bug #2337  
2901 6132d 16h fschmid /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/reformdoc.h Started work on having more page layouts. Currently the "New Doc", "Document Settings" and "Preferences" Dialogs are updated. Only "Insert Page" and the code for doing the layouts is not done.  
2880 6137d 06h fschmid /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/reformdoc.h Fixed bug #2287 and added the page size presets to the "Insert Page" and "Manage Page Properties" Dialogs  
2872 6139d 06h fschmid /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/reformdoc.h Implemented the ability to have different sized pages in a document, was bug #2189  
2863 6140d 18h fschmid /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/reformdoc.h Finished ruler code and made the display mode of the rulers switchable.  
2769 6154d 13h fschmid /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/reformdoc.h Added a new custom widget for the margin settings.  
2607 6164d 05h fschmid /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/reformdoc.h Fixed bug #81, Document Size and Orientation can now be changed at any time.  
2353 6190d 06h fschmid /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/reformdoc.h Fixed Bug #1223  

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