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6606 5329d 12h fschmid /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Fixed Bug #4330  
6602 5330d 15h fschmid /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Fixed Bug #4380  
6599 5331d 06h cbradney /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp #4357 fix and some cleanups  
6588 5333d 17h fschmid /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Better fix for #4369  
6587 5333d 18h fschmid /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Fixed Bug #4369  
6585 5334d 13h fschmid /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Fixed Bug #4336  
6579 5335d 04h cbradney /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Fixing some old code.  
6578 5335d 04h cbradney /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Various renaming of variables, moving some doc code from scribus.cpp. Something to warm your CPUs by, firewood doesn't recycle like scribus.h!  
6566 5336d 05h fschmid /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Removed all #ifdef HAVE_TIFF and #ifdef HAVE_CMS occurrences and related dead code.  
6565 5336d 05h cbradney /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp #4332: Only enable TOC menu item when theres a setup (no check for validity, just that there is a TOC setup).  
6563 5336d 10h fschmid /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Group objects ensures now that all the items in a group are arranged in ascending order with no other items in between.  
6549 5337d 12h fschmid /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp First version of the colorblindness support for the canvas.  
6544 5338d 03h cbradney /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Enabled/disable copy properties and eye dropper when going in and out of shape edit mode  
6541 5338d 04h cbradney /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Fixes for creating new docs or switching docs while in edit mode  
6540 5338d 04h cbradney /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp More fixes for #4341  
6531 5338d 06h cbradney /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Fix sig11 after closing a doc in node edit mode and using palette with no doc open  
6529 5338d 07h tsoots /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Add transaction for main menu's paste  
6517 5338d 14h cbradney /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Move pattern loading into the doc so we can do this from elsewhere.  
6515 5338d 18h fschmid /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Fixed Bug #4334  
6514 5338d 18h fschmid /branches/Version13x/Scribus/scribus/scribus.cpp Fixed Bug #4325  

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