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17179 3457d 20h craig /branches/Version14x/Scribus/resources/swatches/CMakeLists.txt #10485 & 10486: Move swatches and profiles to share dir  
17163 3460d 06h craig /branches/Version14x/Scribus/resources/swatches/CMakeLists.txt Branch 1.3.5 tree to 1.4.x tree, goodbye 1.3.x  
17073 3479d 20h craig /branches/Version135/Scribus/resources/swatches/CMakeLists.txt Add in additional palettes from Christoph, including dtp studio, also get rid of almost all Scribus* palettes by renaming them to their basic name, eg Scribus_SVG to SVG  
14059 4284d 20h cbradney /branches/Version135/Scribus/resources/swatches/CMakeLists.txt Rename palette files to be either gpl (like Gimp) or xml, depending on content, allowing CMake GLOB for install  
14049 4286d 19h cbradney /branches/Version135/Scribus/resources/swatches/CMakeLists.txt Make new Scribus/resources directory and move swatches to it in preparation for new swatches with other licenses  
13642 4401d 21h mrdocs /swatches/CMakeLists.txt optimize png and add the new ML doc  
13510 4417d 21h mrdocs /swatches/CMakeLists.txt Branching 1.3.5  
11946 4823d 20h christoph /swatches/CMakeLists.txt add Scribus Splash colour palette for promotional material  
11134 4953d 22h fschmid /swatches/CMakeLists.txt Adding an Xfig color palette.  
10834 5008d 21h cbradney /swatches/CMakeLists.txt Remove old rgb* swatch files  
10807 5012d 19h cbradney /swatches/CMakeLists.txt #6107: Add in new basic color set.. just a sample.. edit as you like.  
9672 5139d 08h root /swatches/CMakeLists.txt move Version135x cvs branch to svn trunk  
8495 5216d 01h /swatches/CMakeLists.txt This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'Version135x'.  
5142 5554d 18h cbradney /swatches/CMakeLists.txt Add in cmake build system. Requires cmake cvs!