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3583 5771d 02h cbradney /branches/Version14x/Scribus/scribus/about.cpp Fix mrdocs email address, remove unneeded hyphen, reduce paragraph for build information.  
3581 5771d 03h cbradney /branches/Version14x/Scribus/scribus/about.cpp Remove qdebug from menu manager
Comment out inclusion of built date file, and allow translation of the build month again.
3579 5771d 10h avox /branches/Version14x/Scribus/scribus/about.cpp read build time from an aoutogenerated file "scribus/"  
3554 5772d 02h fschmid /branches/Version14x/Scribus/scribus/about.cpp Partly solved bug #2646  
3553 5772d 11h cbradney /branches/Version14x/Scribus/scribus/about.cpp Update the build date in about  
3483 5777d 11h mrdocs /branches/Version14x/Scribus/scribus/about.cpp correct the date  
3460 5777d 23h fschmid /branches/Version14x/Scribus/scribus/about.cpp Improved font detection on startup, now it takes the postscript name into accout when a font is already in the list. Should fix the problem of not detecting all variants of Computer Modern font family.  
3451 5779d 01h fschmid /branches/Version14x/Scribus/scribus/about.cpp Fixed Bug #2639  
3441 5780d 14h fschmid /branches/Version14x/Scribus/scribus/about.cpp Added the name of the master pages as dynamic tooltips to the page palette.
Final fixes for page moving with the page palette.
3437 5781d 12h fschmid /branches/Version14x/Scribus/scribus/about.cpp Fixed bug #2627  
3419 5782d 14h fschmid /branches/Version14x/Scribus/scribus/about.cpp Updated Polish translation  
3410 5783d 13h fschmid /branches/Version14x/Scribus/scribus/about.cpp Fixed bug #2613  
3388 5785d 03h fschmid /branches/Version14x/Scribus/scribus/about.cpp Fixed bug #2246  
3382 5786d 03h fschmid /branches/Version14x/Scribus/scribus/about.cpp Better fix for bug #2570  
3379 5787d 11h mrdocs /branches/Version14x/Scribus/scribus/about.cpp put Galician back where it belongs  
3378 5787d 12h fschmid /branches/Version14x/Scribus/scribus/about.cpp Fixed bug #2451  
3365 5788d 13h fschmid /branches/Version14x/Scribus/scribus/about.cpp Fixed Bug #2434.  
3362 5789d 11h fschmid /branches/Version14x/Scribus/scribus/about.cpp Updated About Box date.  
3344 5790d 13h fschmid /branches/Version14x/Scribus/scribus/about.cpp Added "About Data" for the plugins i wrote.  
3322 5791d 23h fschmid /branches/Version14x/Scribus/scribus/about.cpp Some minor fix to print preview.  

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