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21071 2153d 00h jghali /branches/Version14x/Scribus/scribus/canvasmode_edit.cpp #13775: Alternatively clicking between 2 text blocks crashes with Signal 6  
18921 2873d 22h jghali /branches/Version14x/Scribus/scribus/canvasmode_edit.cpp backport fix for #11427 and #12040  
18695 2943d 01h jghali /branches/Version14x/Scribus/scribus/canvasmode_edit.cpp #11909, #11915: Editing flipped text frames from canvas behave as no flipped ones  
17812 3390d 02h craig /branches/Version14x/Scribus/scribus/canvasmode_edit.cpp Fix canvasmode_edit compiler warning  
17636 3504d 01h jghali /branches/Version14x/Scribus/scribus/canvasmode_edit.cpp fix more build warnings  
17163 3680d 10h craig /branches/Version14x/Scribus/scribus/canvasmode_edit.cpp Branch 1.3.5 tree to 1.4.x tree, goodbye 1.3.x  
16886 3768d 00h craig /branches/Version135/Scribus/scribus/canvasmode_edit.cpp Get rid of some more rubbish.. for work on #9892  
16835 3788d 01h craig /branches/Version135/Scribus/scribus/canvasmode_edit.cpp Backport proper #9886 fix from GSoC Tables work  
16662 3880d 00h jghali /branches/Version135/Scribus/scribus/canvasmode_edit.cpp #10049 : Zoom affect cursor line width  
16638 3888d 01h jghali /branches/Version135/Scribus/scribus/canvasmode_edit.cpp #10017 : jump when typing in text frame, provide a more elegant solution
- remove PageItem::CPos member, cursor position is now a shared member of StoryText and its position is updated mostly automatically when inserting or removing text in a StoryEditor
- add functions in StoryText for doing operations directly at current cursor position
- complement object update api by updateLayout() : contrary to update(), updateLayout() will update layout immediately whereas update() will trigger layout() only in following paintEvent
16538 3959d 05h craig /branches/Version135/Scribus/scribus/canvasmode_edit.cpp #9886: Fix crash for oversized text, but lose cursor on empty frame :(  
16473 3965d 09h craig /branches/Version135/Scribus/scribus/canvasmode_edit.cpp #9863: Improve cursor visibilty - visible while moving, and cursor stays visible longer after home/end/page up/down  
16342 4006d 06h mrdocs /branches/Version135/Scribus/scribus/canvasmode_edit.cpp first part of the Undo Patch commit from cezarece  
16023 4080d 05h jghali /branches/Version135/Scribus/scribus/canvasmode_edit.cpp allow switching between text frames in text edit mode when current frame is locked  
16019 4080d 07h craig /branches/Version135/Scribus/scribus/canvasmode_edit.cpp #9521: extra patch for control double click in text frames  
15988 4082d 05h jghali /branches/Version135/Scribus/scribus/canvasmode_edit.cpp #9525: When selecting another text frame in edit mode, properties palette switches to XYZ tab  
15949 4085d 07h craig /branches/Version135/Scribus/scribus/canvasmode_edit.cpp #9502: Apply supplied patch to allow shift click and double control click for extended text selection again  
15521 4128d 02h jghali /branches/Version135/Scribus/scribus/canvasmode_edit.cpp #6891 : dehyphenating single word resets all hyphenations in linked text frames if word was selected by double click  
15468 4157d 23h craig /branches/Version135/Scribus/scribus/canvasmode_edit.cpp #8726: Backport Avox's 1.5.0 code and resolve this one.. Thanks avox  
15456 4169d 22h jghali /branches/Version135/Scribus/scribus/canvasmode_edit.cpp #9333: Cursor doesn't jump to next line upon "soft-return"  

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