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22153 1766d 03h jghali /branches/Version14x/Scribus/win32/vc9/Scribus-build-props.vsprops msvc project update  
20601 2410d 06h jghali /branches/Version14x/Scribus/win32/vc9/Scribus-build-props.vsprops update msvc props file vs latest libs uploaded to sourceforge  
20183 2571d 05h jghali /branches/Version14x/Scribus/win32/vc9/Scribus-build-props.vsprops update msvc *.props file according to latest libs archive uploaded to sourceforge  
19750 2730d 23h jghali /branches/Version14x/Scribus/win32/vc9/Scribus-build-props.vsprops update msvc props file  
17786 3562d 12h jghali /branches/Version14x/Scribus/win32/vc9/Scribus-build-props.vsprops msvc projects : define lib names using macros in .vsprops file as in trunk  
17549 3680d 02h jghali /branches/Version14x/Scribus/win32/vc9/Scribus-build-props.vsprops msvc project update  
17536 3685d 06h jghali /branches/Version14x/Scribus/win32/vc9/Scribus-build-props.vsprops msvc project update : some modifications to ease transition to msvc 2010/msvc 2012  
17489 3716d 02h jghali /branches/Version14x/Scribus/win32/vc9/Scribus-build.vsprops msvc project update: add hunspell plugin  
17163 3838d 12h craig /branches/Version14x/Scribus/win32/vc9/Scribus-build.vsprops Branch 1.3.5 tree to 1.4.x tree, goodbye 1.3.x  
17152 3840d 09h jghali /branches/Version135/Scribus/win32/vc9/Scribus-build.vsprops update msvc props file with library versions used for 1.4.0  
16685 4033d 03h jghali /branches/Version135/Scribus/win32/vc9/Scribus-build.vsprops msvc project update : switch to lcms2  
16264 4187d 23h jghali /branches/Version135/Scribus/win32/vc9/Scribus-build.vsprops msvc project update : supported msvc environnment is now msvc 2008  
13550 4790d 03h jghali /branches/Version135/Scribus/win32/vc8/Scribus-build.vsprops msvc project update : allow libs directories to be defined for all projects through Scribus-build.vsprops property sheet