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11381 5376d 18h jghali /branches fix encoding issue when importing plain text files and probably #6341 too  
11377 5378d 02h tsoots /branches Updated Finnish translation  
11376 5378d 07h jghali /branches add cairo build support for win32  
11375 5378d 08h cbradney /branches Test code for #6000, bump versions  
11374 5378d 08h cbradney /branches #6617: fix string  
11373 5378d 08h cbradney /branches Bump version  
11372 5378d 08h mrdocs /branches set the version  
11371 5378d 08h cbradney /branches Bump version to  
11369 5378d 09h mrdocs /branches a fix for make dist  
11368 5378d 10h mrdocs /branches version bumps  
11367 5378d 10h mrdocs /branches typo fix  
11366 5378d 10h cbradney /branches Fix about date  
11365 5378d 10h mrdocs /branches version bumps  
11364 5378d 11h cbradney /branches Updates es_LA translation from  
11362 5379d 07h mrdocs /branches version bump and add 134 release  
11357 5380d 17h jghali /branches french translation update  
11353 5381d 08h mrdocs /branches typo fixes from Christoph  
11352 5381d 08h cbradney /branches pot and pro files for 13310  
11351 5381d 09h cbradney /branches Extra fix for 64 bit cmake builds in 1.3.3.x  
11350 5381d 09h cbradney /branches Test fix for 64 bit cmake builds in 1.3.3.x  

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