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25209 54d 18h jghali /branches #16867: If a right to left paragraph follows a left to right paragraph, one of the paragraphs will not work properly  
25206 54d 20h jghali /branches Code style fixes  
25204 54d 21h jghali /branches Code cleanup  
25202 54d 22h jghali /branches ODT import: fix potential stack style corruption when parsing empty text:span element  
25200 54d 22h jghali /branches Code cleanup  
25198 62d 21h jghali /branches Code cleanup  
25197 63d 01h jghali /branches Code cleanup  
25193 65d 17h jghali /branches Reduce code duplication in Scribus150Format::readCellStyle()  
25192 65d 19h jghali /branches Reduce code duplication in Scribus150Format::readTableStyle()  
25186 69d 16h jghali /branches Revert unintentional change  
25184 69d 18h jghali /branches Code cleanup  
25182 69d 18h jghali /branches Code cleanup  
25175 78d 01h jghali /branches More error checks in PageItem's makeImageInline() and makeImageExternal()  
25170 89d 20h jghali /branches Fix PyUnicode_AS_UNICODE deprecation warning  
25168 89d 20h jghali /branches #16852: Moving cursor with down arrow jump to end of next frame  
25166 89d 20h jghali /branches Code style fixes  
25164 107d 18h jghali /branches #16847: PDFs with layers do not allow layer exclusion when printing on Mac and Windows  
25163 117d 19h jghali /branches Code cleanup  
25153 121d 21h craig /branches Fix build issues with Qt 6.4  
25151 123d 20h craig /branches Fix pixmap cache key for fontcombo incorrect state when selected. Some file widget cleanup.  

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