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18390 3233d 23h craig /tags/Release_1.4.3/ Tag 1.4.3  
18389 3233d 23h jghali /branches/Version14x/ Add msvc2012 solution compatible with x64 builds  
18388 3234d 00h craig /branches/Version14x/ Bump Changelog  
18386 3234d 00h jghali /branches/Version14x/ #11675: Final doc updates for 1.4.3  
18384 3234d 00h jghali /branches/Version14x/ #11644: Patch to build 1.4.x on FreeBSD  
18383 3234d 22h craig /branches/Version14x/ Bump versions, release date set to 20th July  
18382 3234d 22h craig /branches/Version14x/ Bump 1.4.3 splash  
18380 3235d 00h jghali /branches/Version14x/ #11674: Another minor DE and EN doc update  
18378 3235d 23h jghali /branches/Version14x/ #11672: More EN and DE doc updates  
18376 3237d 14h jghali /branches/Version14x/ #11669: Minor doc update regarding info files  
18374 3237d 14h jghali /branches/Version14x/ #11668: Minor doc update for Mac OS 10.7  
18373 3239d 18h jghali /branches/Version14x/ code indentation fix  
18370 3239d 19h jghali /branches/Version14x/ #11663: Online Help Italian translation  
18360 3243d 22h jghali /branches/Version14x/ code indentation fixes  
18359 3243d 22h jghali /branches/Version14x/ french translation update  
18352 3247d 19h gpittman /branches/Version14x/ updating docs for install, including haiku  
18350 3249d 01h craig /branches/Version14x/ #11501: Add new docs  
18349 3249d 01h craig /branches/Version14x/ #11501: Add new swatches  
18345 3254d 12h craig /branches/Version14x/ Update English UK/AU files  
18342 3256d 23h craig /branches/Version14x/ #11604: Detect if file is already compressed and use this in the collect for output dialog, and rename the file correctly  

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