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197 6928d 14h /tags/Release_1_1_5/Scribus/ChangeLogCVS This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag
195 6928d 15h Franz /branches/Scribus/Scribus/ChangeLogCVS 13.04.2004 Final Translation Fixes  
192 6929d 14h Franz /branches/Scribus/Scribus/ChangeLogCVS 12.02.2004 Updated the Finnish, Polish and German Translation  
191 6930d 13h Franz /branches/Scribus/Scribus/ChangeLogCVS 11.02.2004 Updated the Ukrainian Translation.  
190 6931d 14h Franz /branches/Scribus/Scribus/ChangeLogCVS 10.04.2004 Updated the Finnish and Czech Translation  
189 6932d 14h Franz /branches/Scribus/Scribus/ChangeLogCVS 09.02.2004 Updated the Danish translation  
188 6933d 14h Franz /branches/Scribus/Scribus/ChangeLogCVS 08.02.2004 Updated Ukrainian Translation  
187 6936d 13h Franz /branches/Scribus/Scribus/ChangeLogCVS 05.02.2004 Updated Czech and Finnish Translations and 2 new Color Sets  
184 6939d 13h Franz /branches/Scribus/Scribus/ChangeLogCVS 02.02.2004 Added Irish Hyphenation Patterns and updated the Polish Translation  
182 6940d 13h Franz /branches/Scribus/Scribus/ChangeLogCVS 01.02.2004 More Translation Cleanups  
181 6941d 19h Franz /branches/Scribus/Scribus/ChangeLogCVS 31.01.2004 More translation Fixes  
178 6942d 15h Franz /branches/Scribus/Scribus/ChangeLogCVS 30.01.2004 Fixed Problems with accented Filenames and updated the Czech Translation  
176 6943d 14h Franz /branches/Scribus/Scribus/ChangeLogCVS 29.01.2004 Added a Progress Bar for the PDF-Export  
175 6944d 13h Franz /branches/Scribus/Scribus/ChangeLogCVS 28.01.2004 Paragraph and Line Styles are now listed in alphabetical Order  
174 6946d 15h Franz /branches/Scribus/Scribus/ChangeLogCVS 26.01.2004 Added Finnish Hyphenation  
173 6947d 14h Franz /branches/Scribus/Scribus/ChangeLogCVS 25.01.2004 Added updated Finnish Translation and exteded the Paragraph Styles  
169 6950d 14h Franz /branches/Scribus/Scribus/ChangeLogCVS 22.01.2004 Updated Python Scripts and Polish Translation  
167 6951d 13h Franz /branches/Scribus/Scribus/ChangeLogCVS 21.01.2004 Updated the Danish translation and applied Pauls patches  
166 6952d 14h Franz /branches/Scribus/Scribus/ChangeLogCVS 20.01.2004 First version of the Search&Replace Dialog working  
164 6953d 13h Franz /branches/Scribus/Scribus/ChangeLogCVS 19.01.2004 First Version of a "Search&Replace" Dialog  

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