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24815 6h 55m jghali /trunk/ #16726: Duplicate paragraph among linked text frames  
24814 6h 57m jghali /trunk/ Use QPalette's text color instead of black when restoring text color in story editor  
24813 2d 05h craig /trunk/ Fix order of signal blocking code in SE  
24812 2d 05h jghali /trunk/ Fix crash in search&replace dialog by making findParagraphStyle(ScribusDoc*, const ParagraphStyle&) and findParagraphStyle(ScribusDoc*, const QString&) behavior consistent in the case of unnamed styles  
24811 2d 09h craig /trunk/ #16724: Updated docs for en/de files  
24810 2d 09h craig /trunk/ #16716: Add undo/redo for table row/column resizing  
24809 3d 07h jghali /trunk/ Fix potential stack overflow caused by bad copy/paste error  
24808 5d 06h craig /trunk/ Bump TS files  
24807 8d 18h craig /trunk/ #16720: Updated DE TS files  
24806 8d 18h craig /trunk/ Preliminary changelog update  
24805 10d 14h craig /trunk/ Bump TS files  
24804 10d 18h craig /trunk/ Bump RU TS from weblate  
24803 10d 18h craig /trunk/ Bring over translations.. hopefully  
24802 10d 19h craig /trunk/ Add in last string change prior to 1.5.8 for table row/column resizing  
24801 11d 05h jghali /trunk/ Rename byte() to to_byte() in order to avoid potential conflict with std::byte in c++17 mode  
24800 12d 13h craig /trunk/ Bump TS files  
24799 12d 13h craig /trunk/ #16717: When poppler 22.01.0 is found, error out from CMake generation
when C++ standard is less than C++17
24798 15d 02h craig /trunk/ Bump about date and copyright dates  
24797 17d 06h craig /trunk/ Bump EN GB/AU TS files  
24796 17d 06h craig /trunk/ Bump TS files  

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