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3654 6193d 11h subik /trunk/ newDocument() backported into 1.2cvs  
3638 6195d 19h mrdocs /trunk/ update for a snapshot  
3637 6195d 19h mrdocs /trunk/ update the Scribus version with a Qstring, instead of manually adjusting.  
3636 6195d 19h mrdocs /trunk/ update the obsolete Scribus version export string in separations  
3607 6200d 10h mrdocs /trunk/ re-add as a binary  
3606 6200d 10h mrdocs /trunk/ add more font hints  
3604 6200d 10h mrdocs /trunk/ remove non-binary image  
3603 6200d 10h mrdocs /trunk/ re-add as binary  
3602 6200d 10h mrdocs /trunk/ remove as non-binary  
3588 6202d 05h mrdocs /trunk/ fix some missing &# codes in the html  
3585 6202d 09h mrdocs /trunk/ bump for a snapshot  
3578 6202d 20h mrdocs /trunk/ bump the date for a new snapshot  
3576 6202d 20h cbradney /trunk/ Backport #2104's fix to 1.2.x.  
3539 6205d 09h mrdocs /trunk/ fix a typo  
3538 6205d 09h mrdocs /trunk/ updated dates  
3537 6205d 19h mrdocs /trunk/ comment out the un-needed Qdebug to keep imported text from filling the console  
3535 6205d 20h mrdocs /trunk/ expanded explanation of the importer  
3529 6205d 23h mrdocs /trunk/ add updates  
3528 6205d 23h mrdocs /trunk/ update for #2678  
3526 6206d 00h cbradney /trunk/ Backport the control+wheel zoom to 1.2.4  

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