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10166 5211d 06h cbradney /trunk/ Clean Qt3 lines now translation dummy doesnt include q3* entries.  
10165 5212d 00h cbradney /trunk/ Clean Qt3 lines  
10164 5212d 00h cbradney /trunk/ Remove Qt3 includes where not necessary  
10163 5212d 00h cbradney /trunk/ Convert to Qt4 (I hope.. QMetaObject gooeyness.. ew)  
10162 5212d 01h cbradney /trunk/ Fix warning  
10161 5212d 01h cbradney /trunk/ Handle -DWANT_LIB64=1 for mrdocs  
10160 5212d 03h mrdocs /trunk/ updates  
10159 5212d 03h mrdocs /trunk/ add missing files  
10157 5213d 00h jghali /trunk/ ooops! fix compiler error  
10156 5213d 00h jghali /trunk/ remove unuseful arg()  
10155 5213d 00h jghali /trunk/ fix some issues related to master pages and #3645  
10152 5213d 01h cbradney /trunk/ Remove unused Qt3 includes  
10151 5213d 02h cbradney /trunk/ Remove unused Qt3 includes  
10150 5213d 05h jghali /trunk/ fix compiler error when compiling without cairo  
10149 5213d 11h cbradney /trunk/ Fix include case and sort #includes  
10148 5213d 21h jghali /trunk/ new wmf import plugin  
10147 5213d 22h jghali /trunk/ some simplifications in layer loading code thanks to new layer api  
10146 5214d 01h jghali /trunk/ more layer stuff  
10145 5214d 14h fschmid /trunk/ Fixed Bug #5954.  
10144 5214d 23h jghali /trunk/ - fix #5826
- improve behavior when deleting bottom layer while keeping items: send items to upper layer

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