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10780 5178d 19h craig /trunk/ - Quick and dirty build instructions for win32. These need to be filled out more and will be once I've fleshed out win32 support in Scribus's CMake builds a little better.  
10779 5178d 20h craig /trunk/ - Use win-config.h instead of config.h on windows to fit existing conventions
- Path changes to match those in the last commit.
10778 5178d 20h craig /trunk/ - Don't build odtim at all if HAVE_XML not defined, instead of building empty plugin. Fixes moc issues with VS+CMake and makes more sense anyway; the old way was a workaround for automake issues.
- ADD_SUBDIRECTORY(plugins) only after exe target is visible in scribus/CMakeLists.txt so that we can specify the exe target for plugins to link to (on Windows, they need its' import library)
- On Windows, link plugins to required libraries too
- Some install path changes that affect Windows
10777 5178d 20h craig /trunk/ Neater use of short-lived local.  
10776 5178d 20h craig /trunk/ Add missing API export  
10775 5179d 00h avox /trunk/ fix broken signals for stylecontext  
10774 5179d 02h craig /trunk/ - Better fix for mpalette issue, since we don't want to leak the allocated object.  
10773 5179d 02h craig /trunk/ We _really_ don't want to set a QObject's parent to its self.  
10772 5179d 03h craig /trunk/ */* comment fix  
10771 5179d 03h craig /trunk/ Revert commit of CMake changes along with prior warning fixes. The change committed requires changes to other cmake files and is not ready yet.  
10770 5179d 03h craig /trunk/ Fix warnings on:

PyObject */*self*/

generated by VC++ by inserting a space, ie:

PyObject * /*self*/
10769 5179d 03h jghali /trunk/ fix #6312 : small errors in ScPainter::drawVPath()  
10768 5179d 05h jghali /trunk/ - enable M_PI visibility for win32 in colorwheelwidget.cpp
- move some headers from scimage.h to scimage.cpp
10767 5179d 06h fschmid /trunk/ Fixed Bug #6102  
10766 5179d 07h craig /trunk/ - Explicitly write SVG data to gzipped SVG files as UTF-8 encoded (as per <?xml> declaration) in svgexplugin, rather than using an implicit conversion of QString to char* .  
10765 5179d 16h mrdocs /trunk/ updates/new translations from Christoph and Volker  
10764 5179d 17h cbradney /trunk/ Change string as per 6102, reduce tr "n/a"  
10763 5179d 17h cbradney /trunk/ Bump about date  
10762 5179d 17h cbradney /trunk/ Replace CMAKE command to allow cmake user include option again  
10761 5179d 18h craig /trunk/ Enable M_PI visibility for win32  

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