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10842 5339d 01h cbradney /trunk/ Updated TS files  
10841 5339d 01h avox /trunk/ some int/double fixes  
10840 5339d 01h avox /trunk/ canvas fixes: use canvas (document) coordinates in more places
PageItem::DrawObj_Item(..., QRect e, ...) argument is now also exepcted to be in
document coordinates (or null)
10839 5339d 01h cbradney /trunk/ #6334: When deleting from our temp selection, check its count not the docs  
10837 5340d 11h fschmid /trunk/ setNumColors() is required for QImages with FormatIndexed8  
10836 5340d 12h fschmid /trunk/ Hopefully fixed Bug #6328, please test with some grayscale PSD's  
10835 5341d 02h cbradney /trunk/ Test moving a pure ui class to the ui subdirectory  
10834 5341d 02h cbradney /trunk/ Remove old rgb* swatch files  
10833 5341d 02h cbradney /trunk/ 6324: Optionally allow copying of a page's master page items to a new master page.  
10832 5341d 04h mrdocs /trunk/ bump the date and freshen the change log for new snapshots  
10830 5341d 04h fschmid /trunk/ Use havePNGAlpha() correct.  
10829 5341d 04h fschmid /trunk/ Final fix for bug #5568  
10827 5342d 02h fschmid /trunk/ Changed the code for the storing of palettes position to the way recommended by Trolltech.  
10826 5342d 02h fschmid /trunk/ Fixed Bug #6325, in Qt-4 you need to set the number of colours for indexed images.  
10825 5342d 02h fschmid /trunk/ Give the progress bars a reasonable minimum size.  
10823 5343d 00h jghali /trunk/ fix #6322: SVG exporter doesn't draw text borders  
10820 5343d 02h cbradney /trunk/ Make sure we have a doc/view in setAppModeByToggle  
10819 5343d 06h avox /trunk/ canvas and nodeedit fixes  
10818 5343d 10h craig /trunk/ Retry of 10817 with a bit of work to make it CMake 2.4 compatible.

More win32+cmake updates:
- Backport the FIND_PACKAGE_HANDLE_STANDARD_ARGS macro from CMake 2.5.
2.5 users see the stock CMake macro, but 2.4 users get our copy. This
permits more CMake 2.5 Find...cmake scripts to be used.
- Provide a new macro, LIBRARY_DEBUG_AND_RELEASE, that sets blah_LIBRARY
based on which of blah_LIBRARY_DEBUG and blah_LIBRARY_RELEASE are set.
On most platforms blah_LIBRARY_DEBUG will be unset so this'll just
set the blah_LIBRARY to blah_LIBRARY_RELEASE (matching the old behaviour).
- Where available, find and link to debug versions of required libraries
automatically when doing a debug build by finding debug and release versions
separately then using LIBRARY_DEBUG_AND_RELEASE .
- Ensure all used CMake Find scripts can use a library names variable
to specify alternate names libs may have (eg ZLIB_NAMES).
- On windows, permit use of the zlib and libpng libraries statically linked
into qtcore.dll rather than standalone versions (see build instructions)
- Updates to build script in win32 build instructions
10817 5343d 10h subik /trunk/ designerized CharPalette to simplify it for bug hunting  

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