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12253 5172d 23h jghali /trunk/ print dialog : split setStoredValues() in two functions  
12247 5173d 20h jghali /trunk/ better handling of "use document bleeds" option in printer dialog  
12246 5173d 21h cbradney /trunk/ #6332: When unlinking frames, clear text from the following frames  
12245 5173d 22h cbradney /trunk/ Disable old double click table cell select code, 6789 closed as no change required  
12244 5173d 23h fschmid /trunk/ Added some (currently commented out) code to load CMYK TIFFs created by ImageMagick.  
12243 5173d 23h fschmid /trunk/ Converted the "Print Dialog" code to use a proper .ui file.  
12242 5173d 23h fschmid /trunk/ Some cleanup in the Pattern dialog.  
12241 5173d 23h fschmid /trunk/ Fixed Bug #7085: "Path tools, Boolean path operations, operation N°5"  
12240 5173d 23h cbradney /trunk/ Do not enable spellchecker on startup without a doc, otherwise Scribus will crash  
12238 5174d 21h jghali /trunk/ copyFileAtomic() tweak : avoid unnecessary attempt to delete temporary file which does not exists anymore  
12235 5174d 21h jghali /trunk/ fix for copyFileAtomic()  
12234 5174d 22h jghali /trunk/ fix gcc warning  
12233 5174d 22h cbradney /trunk/ Adjusted patch to use include FreeType finder with cmake 2.6 from Pierre  
12232 5174d 22h cbradney /trunk/ Delete HelpBrowser later to avoid deleting in event handler  
12231 5174d 22h cbradney /trunk/ Fix incorrect initialisation  
12230 5174d 23h cbradney /trunk/ Remove unused variable  
12226 5175d 21h mrdocs /trunk/ bump the date  
12222 5176d 02h mrdocs /trunk/ fixes #7078 for .de and .fr  
12221 5176d 02h mrdocs /trunk/ fixes #7078 and removes a duplicate file  
12220 5177d 08h fschmid /trunk/ Some fixes for the "Pattern" dialog and exlude svg from the image formats  

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