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Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
123 6530d 01h Franz /trunk/ 10.12.2003 Fixed Preferences Issues  
122 6531d 00h Franz /trunk/ 09.12.2003 Added some more Shapes to the Autoforms Menue and fixed the dead Keyboard Bug  
121 6533d 04h Franz /trunk/ 07.12.2003 Added an Autoforms Menu to the Shape Tab of the Properties Palette  
120 6534d 08h Franz /trunk/ 06.12.2003 Fixed Bug #69, #72 and #73  
119 6535d 01h Franz /trunk/ 05.12.2003 Fixes for PDF-Export and SVG-Import  
118 6538d 23h Franz /trunk/ 01.12.2003 Fixed issues with PDF-Export and various other Bugfixes  
117 6541d 11h Franz /trunk/ 29.11.2003 Added the Option to import Styles from other Documents with the Style Editor  
116 6542d 00h Franz /trunk/ 28.11.2003 Release 1.1.3  
115 6542d 23h Franz /trunk/ 27.11.2003 Fixed Bug that caused a hang when importing the same page twice  
114 6544d 01h Franz /trunk/ 26.11.2003 Fixed Crash when loading Docs  
113 6545d 23h Franz /trunk/ 24.11.2003 Fixed Issues with Styles when importing Pages  
112 6547d 08h Franz /trunk/ 23.11.2003 Resolved Bugs #9, #19 and #32  
111 6548d 09h Franz /trunk/ 22.11.2003 Fixed Bugs #19, #33, #43 and #44 from the Bugtracker  
110 6549d 00h Franz /trunk/ 22.11.2003 Item #40 of the Buglist fixed  
109 6549d 22h Franz /trunk/ 21.11.2003 Final fix for the Delete Page Bug  
108 6550d 00h Franz /trunk/ 20.11.2003 Fixed Bug when deleting more than one Page.  
107 6551d 00h Franz /trunk/ 19.11.2003 Fixed Bug in the Story Editor with linked Textframes  
106 6552d 00h Franz /trunk/ 18.11.2003 Fixed Segfault when loading certain Docs  
105 6552d 23h Franz /trunk/ 17.11.2003 Fixed various Bugs  
104 6554d 08h Franz /trunk/ 16.11.2003 Hopefully last fix for Python 2.3  

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