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12535 4766d 16h cbradney /trunk/ #7374: updated RU translation  
12534 4767d 02h subik /trunk/ 0007301: Missing tooltips in the Font Preview dialog: Set button; + removed useless "search" button as it's working by typing  
12533 4767d 15h cbradney /trunk/ #7300: Missing tooltips in the Arrange pages dialog: Document layout area  
12532 4767d 15h cbradney /trunk/ #7362: Add Elvis Stansvik ( to the list of contributors  
12531 4767d 16h cbradney /trunk/ #7166: Apply Ale's patch to move authors, translations, links out of about.cpp. Bump about date.  
12530 4768d 15h cbradney /trunk/ Add some widget buddies, shortcut keys and adjust tooltips a little, closes #7304 and #7306  
12529 4769d 12h cbradney /trunk/ Remove inserted $ - oops  
12528 4769d 14h cbradney /trunk/ Build option updates for Apple for DMGs  
12527 4769d 14h cbradney /trunk/ Bump about date  
12526 4769d 20h subik /trunk/ gcc varnings fix  
12525 4770d 10h pierre /trunk/ Adjusted painting of selection outline for multiselection too  
12524 4770d 11h pierre /trunk/ Artificially enlarge clipping region to get the selection outline correctly painted  
12523 4770d 12h pierre /trunk/ <MrB> pierremarc: the selection outline still doesnt line up with the items.. can u please have a look?  
12522 4770d 12h malex /trunk/ Add Tatar lang and update Categories (Closes: #7208)  
12521 4770d 13h fschmid /trunk/ More correct placement of parentheses.  
12520 4770d 13h fschmid /trunk/ Two forgotten files from last committ.  
12519 4770d 13h fschmid /trunk/ The "Reset" button resets now only the selected mesh point or all when no point is selected.  
12518 4770d 13h fschmid /trunk/ Removed some unneeded debug outputs to the console.  
12517 4770d 13h fschmid /trunk/ Extended the experimental support of embedding PDF's into PDF with the ability to do the same for EPS files by converting them to PDF via Ghostscript.  
12516 4770d 16h cbradney /trunk/ Fix label text of page number  

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