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140 6751d 18h Franz /trunk/ 01.01.2004 Improved the Tabs and added them to the Paragraph Styles  
139 6753d 03h Franz /trunk/ 31.12.2003 First support for Tabs  
138 6755d 18h Franz /trunk/ 28.12.2003 Added some new Commands to the Scripter  
137 6756d 19h Franz /trunk/ 27.12.2003 Added a Parser for mathematical Expressions to the floating Point SpinBoxes  
136 6757d 19h Franz /trunk/ 26.12.2003 Some Fixes for handling of rotated Objects  
135 6759d 03h Franz /trunk/ 25.12.2003 Added a Gap Setting for multi-column Textframes  
134 6760d 19h Franz /trunk/ 23.12.2003 Textframes can have now more than one Column  
133 6761d 18h Franz /trunk/ 22.12.2003 Improved the Geometry settings for Groups  
132 6762d 18h Franz /trunk/ 21.12.2003 The Base Point for resizing, moving and rotating with the Properties Palette can now set
just like it was for the rotation before
131 6764d 18h Franz /trunk/ 19.12.2003 Release 1.1.4  
130 6765d 18h Franz /trunk/ 18.12.2003 Groups can now rotated with the Properties Palette  
129 6766d 18h Franz /trunk/ 17.12.2003 Updated German and Russian translations  
128 6767d 17h Franz /trunk/ 16.12.2003 Added a new Brazilian Translation and merged Pauls patches  
127 6768d 18h Franz /trunk/ 15.12.2003 Added Picture Info to the RMB Context Menue  
126 6769d 16h Franz /trunk/ 14.12.2003 forgot to commit story.h  
125 6769d 17h Franz /trunk/ 14.12.2003 Added an Info Entry to the RMB Context Menue  
124 6771d 17h Franz /trunk/ 12.12.2003 Added a Statusbar to the Story Editor  
123 6773d 20h Franz /trunk/ 10.12.2003 Fixed Preferences Issues  
122 6774d 19h Franz /trunk/ 09.12.2003 Added some more Shapes to the Autoforms Menue and fixed the dead Keyboard Bug  
121 6776d 22h Franz /trunk/ 07.12.2003 Added an Autoforms Menu to the Shape Tab of the Properties Palette  

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