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14056 4452d 08h mrdocs /trunk/ patch commited for Herm fixing # 8256  
14054 4453d 06h cbradney /trunk/ Add missing prefs_pane.h  
14052 4453d 06h cbradney /trunk/ Remove excutable flag from pageitem_latexframe.h  
14051 4453d 07h mrdocs /trunk/ freshen the changelogSVN  
14047 4453d 07h cbradney /trunk/ Make new Scribus/resources directory and move swatches to it in preparation for new swatches with other licenses  
14046 4453d 07h cbradney /trunk/ Make new prefs display panel actually save the Prefs to PrefsManager now  
14045 4453d 15h jghali /trunk/ fix compilation when podofo is not available  
14043 4454d 05h jghali /trunk/ merge tachtran pdf export work from gsoc 2009  
14040 4454d 10h mrdocs /trunk/ fixes #8420 and also make it validate properly  
14039 4454d 11h fschmid /trunk/ Fixed Bug #8422: "show how many items are selected"  
14038 4454d 11h fschmid /trunk/ Add more file extensions for vector files.  
14037 4454d 15h subik /trunk/ 8426: guides jump with double-sided layout and asymmetric margins  
14036 4455d 19h fschmid /trunk/ Added an scimgdataloader_pict because its sometimes better to have Mac Picts in an Image Frame  
14034 4456d 09h jghali /trunk/ #8453: use Ctrl+Tab instead of Tab for selecting next window  
14033 4456d 10h jghali /trunk/ #8459 : invalid postscript is generated when spot color name use non latin chars  
14030 4457d 08h cbradney /trunk/ More new prefs display updates, transferred most functionality over now apart from actually saving of new prefs  
14029 4457d 08h jghali /trunk/ #8443: layers are lost when a page is converted to a master page  
14027 4457d 20h fschmid /trunk/ Reintroduced the prefs variable polyFd as polyFactorGuiVal because it is important for the PolygonWidget  
14026 4457d 22h jghali /trunk/ discard icc profiles which do not contain a valid description string  
14023 4458d 07h cbradney /trunk/ Start to reimplement prefs loading into new GUI. Loading only of some of display prefs right now  

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