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1535 6550d 21h subik /trunk/ working!  
1533 6550d 22h subik /trunk/ #1681: add setBookmark. Finally new setPDFBookmark() and isPDFBookmark()  
1532 6550d 23h subik /trunk/ #1706: Short-Words - Brazilian Portuguese Update  
1530 6551d 03h cbradney /trunk/ Remove br.qm from build  
1527 6551d 06h cbradney /trunk/ Remove old Brazilian Portuguese translation  
1523 6551d 07h mrdocs /trunk/ 1.2.2 updates  
1522 6551d 07h cbradney /trunk/ 1st new commit to 1.2.2cvs. Franz's text on path fixes. Updated translation ts/po/qm files. String fixes in Scripter. Fix for Scrapbook file names.  
1521 6551d 07h mrdocs /trunk/ first batch of doc updates for 1.2.2  
1520 6555d 09h mrdocs /trunk/ fix for # 1660  
1516 6558d 07h craig /trunk/ Add a scripter function, getColorAsRGB, to get the RGB conversion of a
Scribus color.
1515 6558d 07h craig /trunk/ renderFont support for selecting format and for returning data to the user,
as requested by sjc.
1511 6558d 08h craig /trunk/ Fix scripter getColumnGap, setColumnGap, getPageMargin for #1672  
1506 6558d 18h fschmid /trunk/ Fixed Bug #1664  
1504 6559d 02h mrdocs /trunk/ updates - fixes # 1667  
1501 6559d 08h cbradney /trunk/ Update resources document to include wiki information  
1497 6559d 08h mrdocs /trunk/ updated for 1.2.2  
1481 6562d 23h subik /trunk/ #1647 - scribus-short-words.rc must not be executable  
1475 6564d 04h mrdocs /trunk/ updated pt_BR translation  
1474 6564d 04h cbradney /trunk/ Put in correct pt_BR file (PO)  
1467 6564d 18h cbradney /trunk/ Add in missing scripter core files  

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